5 Simple Ways To Create Expansive Wealth Energy!

Nov 25, 2014 | Prosperity

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Today’s lifestyle inspiration is a handful of ways to make life more enchanted, no matter where you are.

Every single bit of small luxury you can put into life sparks a groundswell of abundance.

I don’t think the secrets to wealth lie in classrooms or self-help books even if both are helpful. Real wealth in my experience (including, yes, financial wealth!) comes from a life where you give yourself the space and time to have luxuries of art, of nature and even adventure that keep you grounded, curious and always growing!

#1: Get a view.  Whether its a cityscape or a sunset on the beach or the view from your livingroom window, seek out views that inspire you.  There’s a two-fold reason for this.  Not only do you get the majesty of the aesthetics of a great view, you also get out of your head and much larger in space when you gaze out at the grandeur around us all. A view of the stars counts as well… & majorly!

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#2: Take tourist photos, even at home!  Truth be told, the best memories I have of my family were the group photos I insisted upon taking at holidays from age 10 to 13 with my Polaroid camera… along with the random tourist photos I have of both family and friends.  Every tourist-type photo fixes you in space and time in a way that helps you to see just how big your life can grow…!

travel journal

#3:  Keep a travel journal… even if you aren’t going far!  My journals for morning pages of freewriting stay separate. My pages of travel adventures and secrets and discoveries, restaurants, metro maps and all kinds of memorabelia go in a tourist journal with me… even through parts on my city.  Special moments deserve a special space to be crystalized, to collect and to build momentum! By the way, if you do not travel, this is something that will prompt you to more adventure even in your own city.

#4:  Seek  (huge) small luxuries in excellent quality of the things you love the most in your daily routine.  green tea shop

Tea is my fix of choice, and excellent tea makes a marked difference in the day.  Tea, honey, coffee, a fabulous water filter, awesome eggs from the Farmer’s Market… these small upgrades in things you use daily, whatever they might be, make a profound difference in the wealth of your life.  Every time I drink a fantastic tea or use my most favorite, most pure and powerful essential oil in a bath I feel myself growing more valuable.

That’s a great message to send to yourself every day: you are valuable!!!


#5: Stay near running water.   After spending so much time near creeks, on beaches, near waterfalls and literally having water flow in rushing stone ditches down the streets of my travels this year, I know the difference in my life when I am near running water and when it is far away.  I’ve finally come to the conculsion that I need a fountain in my own home to keep that flow running constantly.  A small, clear-water tabletop fountain is awesome to stir up abundance in any home.  If you can’t keep a fountain at home (& don’t put these in your bedroom, FYI, its too active for sleep) fall in love with a pet fish (I love beta fish!) to bring more abundant life force and moving clear water to your life.

And, as always, giving is the ultimate form of creating huge wealth energy everywhere!

What do you do when you need to feel more valuable, prosperous and even wealthy?  Feel free to share. These ideas are infinitely helpful!

xoxo Dana



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