Do You Invest In Your Talent?

Nov 29, 2014 | Prosperity

I miss this day of drinking out of the fabled dragon fountain in Taisekiji, Japan. Its water thought to be sacred. Every time I even approach it I imagine I’m in a cartoon where a genie will pop out and grant my wishes.  Perhaps that’s because every trip to Japan I take is an investment purely in myself. There’s no business involved. No sightseeing. Just truly investing in me.

I used to think it was frivolous to make these investments. After all, the multitude of people who’ve reminded me that it is a huge luxury to go to Japan for a week – to the same place in Japan- could topple even the most committed and resolute mind.  But I know what magic happens in Japan for me, and every time I book a trip I know I am doing something that moves me forward.Yes, I go to the same place… but it’s a special place!

Gratitude doesn’t begin to express how lucky I feel to have gone, and to go back soon again.

I learned that if I don’t invest in me, you shouldn’t invest in me!

After all, why would you want to collect ideas from someone who is outdated and not looking for more?

Every time I go, my life doesn’t just become lighter… but my writing becomes more colorful, my ideas become more crystalized, my ability to understand space is heightened.  I realize how little I know, how vast the world is, and how united we all are as beings.

Today, I wonder how much you are willing to invest in your talent.  Do you invest in your talent?

If you aren’t quite there yet, not quite sure its worth the time and the energy or even the money (though it doesn’t need to cost much), perhaps this will help you to see the value in making that investment.  It’s actually the only fail-safe investment I’ve ever seen!

My affinity for natural healing arts, energy work and popular culture remixed with storytelling is not a normal mixed bag of interests and talents! Somehow, my own aptitude in art, design and words, somehow, unknowingly, turned into a life when I pulled a string and followed my interests.   It’s no wonder that so many people work with me to wake up their hidden creative joys in their environment… it’s the foundation of my work! And its the thing I am most grateful to have taken the time to invest in… heavily!


The feng shui of this: Self (yourself as related to your work in this word) and Fame (your outward acknowledged successes and triumphs) are related in the feng shui bagua for good reason:  one feeds the other.  Develop your self and you naturally develop your ability to excel in these powerhouse ways in life that are hard to ignore.

When you invest in your talent, you become inimitable.  Stress and competition morph into excitement and creativity. 

I see my ideas cribbed, rewritten and even straight copied all over the Internet… and now I realize that because I invest so heavily in my own talent, it doesn’t matter.  I’m not scared that anyone can be “me” better than me. And if anyone wants to try to do what I do, attempting it in my way, they won’t get very far.

It was incredible to me when someone reached out and suggested I get a lawyer to go after copycats. Apparently this action worked for her and it was shocking to even contemplate.  To say that someone could copy my life story, my decade and a half of intensive Buddhist practice, my education and my own talent and a decade of experience and do it better than me… well, that’s funny to me now.  I’m sure if there were big breaches and someone tried to monetize my ideas I would have to take action, but I feel that its almost too complicated to try to rob from me cohesively, anyway!

Five years ago, before I heavily invested in my talent, I could understand the feeling that my ideas were so limited that they need to be vigilantly guarded.  Now… my ideas are always expanding.  I know if someone copies me its their karma to pay (not fun!) and I don’t really spend time thinking this way.  If I’m too worried about my ideas being taken I realize I need to start learning much more!

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd at your job, in activities in your life (sports, arts, hobbies, cooking, etc), or even just as a person interested in experiencing life more deeply on a daily basis, invest in your talent.  

Learning is lifelong.  If you think you know enough, you are deluding yourself.

Whether it’s buying a shopping cart full of books, attending museum lectures, going to conferences, watching documentaries, seeing concerts, practicing, taking online courses, traveling… you always have something to learn.

There’s a pervasive and persuasive idea that guides me: if you aren’t growing you are declining.  Which direction do you want to head in…? 

Stretching yourself into new disciplines will develop your creative power.  

Don’t think that a pottery class will make you a better dancer? Feel that your spoken word poetry is off the beaten path of your medical administration career? I’m very sure that more dance classes may improve your dancing and advanced computer training can increase your administrative prowess… BUT: if you stretch yourself into areas of interest that seem unrelated, really investing in this talent, you’ll be amazed at how incredibly dimensional and inimitably you will emerge!!!

Are you willing to invest in your talent?

Take the time to invest in the talents that move you- your love of animals might lead you to some volunteer work, your killer style sense might prompt you to restyle your house or your own wardrobe- and these are all talents. Your natural inclinations are your talents.  They may not seem like talents because they’ve been deemed impractical and left to sort of hang out in the background.

Can you think of talents to cultivate… interests to mine… ideas to expand upon? I bet you can. We all can when we are allowed to run free in this way.  

Idea for the week:   Start basic, but start today.  Take a step.  You might not sign up for pilot certification today, but maybe you can watch some videos or call an instructor for some information?  Maybe you don’t build the painting studio in your garage this weekend but you grab some canvas, paint and an easel and do a little painting in your yard to get started?   You can start the seeds for an edible garden on your windowsill or get a grow light and a small kit for your first tomato plant.

Please let me know how it feels and what changes for you when you invest in yourself in this magnificent way!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Kim

    I really needed this, thank you!

    You’re such an important teacher in my life!


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