Venturing Out Into The Unknown & Exciting!

Dec 1, 2014 | Uncategorized

get lost


Oh so very true. It’s really hard to find the new when you are holding really tight to the old familiar.

Why is the familiar sometimes so comforting even if we don’t like it?

That’s been my big question of the end of the year.

Challenging that comfort, moving out into the completely new and unfamiliar, is the only way to beat it.

There are no shortcuts, no softer landings and no tricks to circumvent it. I’ve tried!  The unfamiliar should feel unfamiliar.

The only thing that’s been comforting is that the more the unfamiliar becomes the norm, the less strange it seems! Ultimately, your new stuff will seem comfortable over time.  you’ll be used to a bigger life…

This goes for everything from new ventures, relationships, academic pursuits, living situations, jobs… all of it.

And once it gets too comfortable… its time to expand again!

xoxo Dana


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