Innovative & Gorgeous Storage At Home!

Dec 3, 2014 | Home Style

gorgeous shelves


Above you’ll see my version of dream storage.  Colorful, geometric, artful, designed… there’s not a thing I would change about this wall of shelving.

Great storage is deceptively simple to create, even if it doesn’t look this streamlined & wow-inducing.

You know, some use storage units as an excuse to stuff more stuff away. These storage solutions present an opportunity to simply hold things within reach

Here are some of the more artfully inspired home storage solutions I am considering for my own home… and perhaps they’ll inspire you, too!

wire baskets


Wire baskets have a way of prving things are neat and streamlined, while containing them beautifully at the same time.


(style me pretty)

Gorgeous storage makes an entranceway so useful.  I’d love to upgrade the dog’s basket by the front door into a whole wall for everyone!

mason jar bathroom


There is nothing too unique about this but it is incredibly useful and awesome.

bracelet holder


Any way you can display a bunch of things beautifully that can otherwise become a chaotic mess you’ve succeeded in creating organization!

pipe bookshelf

(the nerd nest) 

How stunningly cool is this bookshelf make of pipe and wood? The Nerd Nest gives instructions, and if you have a giant book collection and nowhere to store it, I suggest it is worth hiring a DIY expert or handyman to make one (or something sturdy and huge just like it) to make your books really important and even a bit dramatic.

Lovely, right?

In the giant declutter workshop – Catalyst Camp- coming soon (!) , we find a zillion ways to turn ordinary objects into brilliant storage solutions.  It is very exciting to store things when they look good while stored!  Let this principle guide you as you pick out your own sturdy cases and hooks and baskets…”if it looks good, it is motivating.”

Have fun creating more order!!!  xoxo Dana


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