5 Ways To Make Sure You Have Extra Room To Dream Big !

Dec 4, 2014 | Creativity

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A few days ago I visited a friend who was dismayed that she had become someone who talks about a lot of things and doesn’t actually DO them.

She hadn’t become that person.  It just felt like it.

She likes to dream.

We all like to dream.

She also works toward her dreams about 14 hours a day!

What’s happened?

Every once in a while it feels like the dreams are piling up higher than the manifestations of the dreams, you know?

Even if you do a ton, you may be stacking up more dreams than “dones.”

Do you feel like you are more dreaming than doing, even though you are working really hard?

If so, you may need a little extra space to dream and be OK with dreaming…. rather than piling up dreams that stress you out.

Here are a few ideas to elevate your piles of dreams to great importance and make them a part of your life in an artful way!!! 


1. Keep a journal or a tape recorded record of your random ideas.  Your random ideas can be priceless.  Collect them. Put them in a little book. Capture them on tape – or digital tape! – and listen to them when you have a little free time while doing errands or feeling like you need a little inspiration.  The ideas that leap out at you from your tape or your note pad might just be your genius idea of the year that you would have forgotten while busy running through the day.

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2. Start a WISH JAR!!!  Literally collect your wishes in a jar.  Your dreams are important and they need space. Its something fantastically symbolic to collect them all up in a jar so that they are more ART and less THINGS ON A TO-DO LIST! 🙂

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3. Add more fun & shiny metal to your house to raise its ethereal, dreamy, otherworldly sensibility.  You can even wear more shiny jewelry or metallics to heighten this sense of shine.

4. Let your visions guide your style.  Allow yourself to express your new ideas, visions and aspirations in style.  You know that saying “dress for success?” Well, it’s sort of real.  Your style- from your clothes to your posture to the way you sign your signature or carry a purse (or don’t!) – is a big way we know about people.  Style matters.  Design matters.  I don’t think designer labels necessarily matter, but you might.

5. And stop being hard on yourself, please!   It will be a real shame to achieve so much and then look back to see all the time you spent being unnecessarily hard on yourself.  Nothing comes of self-criticism but heaviness and more stuck feelings.  So what if you have more dreams than you have time to accomplish them all?!  I would rather have dreams to spare than worries to unload.

Oh, yes, and of course, make sure you have space to have those dreams come to life!!!   You can clear some space at home ad in life with the free Life Detox Jump Start right HERE. 

 Let yourself dream…a lot… and big!!!  xoxo Dana


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  1. maggie

    I am definitely using a lot of these. I feel like sometimes I have too many ideas and half of them don’t manifest – hopefully this will help!



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