Living With Less Will Bring You Much More Of What Matters!

Dec 9, 2014 | Prosperity



When things are simple and clear, their extraordinary nature shines.

Same goes for everything in life. Simplicity allows the exceptional to emerge.

Try this: Look at the room above and imagine the whole console was filled with framed photos rather than just a curated few. Now, also imagine that the wall of this room had a few extra things hung on it. Three or four. Trade the muted carpet for a much busier carpet.

It’s hard to see how glorious the golden console and the ethereal art and the stunning rocker are when you add all that stuff, isn’t it?!

Curation is a big deal.

Curation in art – when done well- helps you to walk into an art exhibit and experience each piece completely and most powerfully. Curation in a home allows the beauty of what you want to see- where you want your energy to focus- to shine forth. Curation in your life takes away all the clutter of extra things- from extraneous ideas to nightmarish drama- so that you can focus on what you love.

Simplifying your life is far more than just dumping junk and cleaning your house. That’s a huge starting point, but it’s not the full picture.

When you can really simplify all of life, you open yourself up to true prosperity.  


(bonjour bliss instagram)

We all know it’s important to be grateful. Some practice it regularly, some are reminded sporadically.

When you live with gratitude in greater doses, you are prompted to care for everything- from the paint on your walls to the hinges on your squeaky closet door- with much more love.

Every house I enter that is subtly falling into disrepair reflects owners or dwellers that have become so cluttered in life that gratitude has been traded in for overwhelm.

Think about it: every object you bring into your home – to some degree- needs to be cared for. Even your trash can needs to be cleaned out! Objects need to be dusted, washed, plants watered and pruned…

Similarly, each project in your life, every person in your life, your pets, your food… your own self!… all need to be cared for.

If you count the number of objects around you in your living room today, you’ll likely be astonished at what you’ve taken on to care for. And if you’ve fallen into clutter, disrepair and overwhelm, you can cut yourself some slack because your life might just be a bit too complicated. 

If it takes all day to take care of your home and the basics of your life- or if it squeezes ever moment from you just to maintain a semblance of order- it may be time to simplify and curate your life.


(my Scandinavian home)

Simplicity can bring you way more of what matters most to you…the things that may seem out of your grasp!

One of the principles of feng shui that instantly resonated with me is the idea that where energy flows, things grow. 

If your energy is flowing toward your art studio, the desk where you write, your kitchen where you love to cook, the garden, or any other area of your home where greatness is created, you are on the right track.

If you feel magnetically pulled toward your TV, time-sucking messy areas that never get fully cleared out, a pantry full of junk food or a phone or internet filled with distractions and drama, you may be “growing” chaos and frustration in your life.

Whatever gets your energy will grow.

So, if you have a more simplified home, you can put your attention on what matters and care for things far more easily.

If you have a simplified life, you can move your energy toward what is most important to you.

If you have less, you can have much more.

I want you to put your attention on the things you love so that they can flourish.

Less will bring you so much more.

xoxo Dana

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