Two Questions To Help You Live Your Greatest Life!

Dec 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

let things go


This isn’t simple for everyone to do. But it’s well worth it!

Am I on course?

Am I growing…?

I coudn’t do what I do all alone.  In fact, I have groups of twenty to thirty people in each big area of my life to keep  growing… people I help, too, when I’m called upon… all helping each other to stay on track and keep life clear of needless obstacles.

All are friends now- even if they didn’t start out as friends- all that I love dearly.

There’s my Wellness family.  My Buddha family.  My art family.  My family-family that includes friends I’ve had for ages.  And the family that includes you- my blog family!

All powerhouse people. All fully invested in life.  All help me to keep my life clear of what I don’t need. All that I share with, to the greatest degree I can.

I’ve come to see that we all need a network.

Being on the planet is not a solo endeavor. I wished it was, years ago, as I could not, for the life of me, find healthy, happy people to bring close to me.  Those days are long over, and I’m grateful that they are!

As soon as I started asking myself tough questions like this and clearing up my own messy life, these amazing people emerged.

Finding a community, network, accountability partners, coaches, mentors— all are invaluable.

Ask yourself the tough questions, recognize what needs to go from your daily routine and start asking for the help you need, if you need it.

There’s nothing heroic about trying to do everything on your own.

Build your community.  Grow as a group.

We are all in this together, and there’s no reason you should feel misunderstood or like you are all alone.  Synergy can make amazing solutions come to light!  xoxo Dana


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