The Awesome Feng Shui Power Of Moving Water!

Dec 12, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

outdoor shower


Showers are like giant, natural fountains.

They move energy. They create change.

Today, here’s a bit of feng shui about moving water- from your home shower to rain storms- that can get you thinking freshly about water and your life!


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In feng shui, water is one of the two elements that create change quickly. The other is fire.

In Nature these are rampantly destructive forces in great quantity. In balance, they are what create, generate and sustain life.

Water is an element of fresh starts. After a mild rain you feel the air fresh, your mind more clear and the land rejuvenated. It’s similar to sitting by the oceanside as the waves crash and pull back in from the shore in a cycle of action. Waterfalls, vibrant, rushing and churning, have a similar freshening effect.

While we can’t always predict the rain, there are ways to use this power of moving water in your home.



Taking short showers.

All are awesome ways that water can move in your home.

Make sure the plumbing is excellent in your house. If it is not, its time to get the repairs done. Excellent plumbing makes sure that water isn’t getting stuck anywhere. You want it to move freely, since as it moves it carries energy with it in its motion.

Keep your aquariums and fountains sparkling clean. Moving water that is dirty is not the kind of energy you want to generate and promote around you!

When a friend told me he made giant fountains from horse troughs at the request of a feng shui master, I was concerned. They were placed inside his house. That’s a tremendous amount of moving water. That’s like a big rainstorm in its power of energy-moving.

Sure enough, the minute the fountains went on, the fire alarms were triggered somehow and his home was covered in water and foam from the fire-prevention sprinklers.

Too much is too much!

In feng shui, the bigger or more abundant the “cure” the stronger the effects will be. You may feel like you need a giant dose of inspiration right now- or a rainstorm- but a light rain or a little spark of fresh ideas will often do the trick.

To try out some moving water in your life: scrub your shower to a pristine clean and take a short shower while imagining all the cells in your body springing to fresh life. This is very simple, but its also quite powerfully exciting!

xoxo Dana

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