5 Ideas To Get Rid Of The Limitations You’ve Put On Your Own Life!

Dec 15, 2014 | Prosperity

unlimited life

Do you believe that life is unlimited?

Do you think that you are destined to have things go just one way?

Are you struggling to find more of the unlimited possibility in your own life?

Lots of questions today! And lots of expansive design ideas for you today to get rid of the life limitations that are self-imposed! gold

I used to be a psychic/tarot/oracle junkie. I’ve talked about it before, but… it was a huge thing for me to have some sort of outside, otherworldly confirmation that my life was more than it seemed at the moment. I needed to know there was more. I thought it brought me a greater perspective… but over time, it brought me paranoia and a feeling that my life was not my own.

Having a little relapse into the world of tarot, I went to talk to a Buddhist priest at my temple to see if he could shed some light on my little obsession.

He explained to me that the Buddhist perspective was that life is unlimited. All the predictive stuff in the world is… limiting.

I never thought of it that way before… but it clicked.

I thought of all the ways I was holding myself too tightly to outcomes in a specific way. I mean, what if there were things waiting for me in life that are far better than I can imagine right now?

What if there are outcomes waiting for you that exceed your wildest dreams at the moment.

To have a limitless life you have to stay open, flexible and ready for anything. If you are living to avoid certain things (like making a mistake) you are not living to create the best outcomes possible.

There are a loads of ways to expand the perimeters of your current life without turning it upside down. All help to reinforce the limitless possibility, synchronicity and synergy that is life at its best.


Collaboration- especially with people professionally in very different but complimentary worlds- brings a flood of fresh eyes, fresh ears, fresh ideas and incredible energy to your life. If you want to grow bigger than yourself, collaborate with others. Its the way of humanity and the way of incredible synergy!

set impossible deadlines. 

I can stay this enough: deadlines bring life to life. Don’t squander time and kick around. Grab your calendar right now and write down a deadline for something very meaningful for you. Now… announce it. Stick to it. Hire a coach to keep to it. Be accountable to it. Even though I prize sleep very much, I have nights now where I’m up till 6am and buzzing with energy, flying on an impossible deadline that brings out the best in my creative limitlessness. You’ll be amazed at what happens!

get yourself amazing mentors.

Having people to remind you of how vast the world is = essential.

Having people to inspire, to support and to listen to you who you admire = life-changing.

start learning. 

If you stopped learning from books and art and academic disciplines after you graduated from school, I strongly encourage you to visit a library, a museum or even Amazon to check out a cart-load of books.

clean up like never before. 

Clear space shows you how many obstacles you’ve been putting in your own way and how much clutter you’ve allowed to obscure your greatness. Clear space, clean up your energy as well as your home, and watch things soar.

Move toward the unlimited and you’ll realize quickly just how powerful you are!  (*limitlessly powerful!)

xoxo Dana

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