7 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Brilliantly When You Are Wildly Busy!

Dec 16, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


If you are stressed… or just swamped– even with great things– it’s very easy to lose sight of yourself in the mess of stuff.

Everyone’s got a whole lot going on these days. Being swept away by the current of “busy,” though, can lead to lots of stress.

It’s not practical to stop in the middle of a storm of things to get a massage, a facial, visit a spa or even do a yoga class, right?

I’ve learned that when the dial gets turned up in terms of being busy, I need to expand my energy rather than complain or resist the wave of energy. And, the best way to expand my own energy that I’ve found is some absolutely brilliant self-care.

So, yes, it is practical to stop and do great things for yourself in the midst of a wild time. In fact, I say that its totally necessary!

Here are 7 things I do to feel fantastic when the volume gets cranked to super-high!

In fact, I’m doing each and every one of them today.


7 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Brilliantly When You Are Super Busy. 

1. Eat loads of root veggies, roasted if you can. This is the grounding Earth food that helps you stay centered in a storm.

2. Use color to get extra energy instead of caffeine. Hot pink flowers from the grocery to sit beside your desk, wear red, get yourself a rainbow-colored screensaver. Color can help give you a boost without draining you.

3. Skip a nap…and caffeine… and get in bed early. This is the most rejuvenating re-set, and it never fails to make me more productive.

4. Some spicy candles are enticing. Black pepper aromatherapy, cedar, sandalwood… Earthy, spicy and grounding without zonking you out like lavender and rose can!

5. Drink far more water. It always works wonders.

6.Try a fabulous face mask. When I am overly-scheduled my skin starts to look “meh” and I start to feel “meh” about looking in the mirror. The simplest masque ever? Raw honey. Straight on a freshly washed face for 20 minutes or so.    Kitchen beauty always feels extra-nourishing, probably because it is! When I look more rejuvenated, I feel more rejuvenated.

7. Trade talking on the phone for writing in a journal. Even talking to people I love when I’m looking to stay in my “zone” of creativity can get me out of my groove. Do you notice that? Ever since I traded my phone calls during the day with a journal break, I’ve been able to focus more on everyone I love with real focus.

That’s my day! And depending on when you read this, it’s likely to be my night quite often if I’m fortunate! Being busy is something to be grateful for, not burdened by. If you don’t like what is making you busy… well… you know what to change next!

So, on that note, here’s a bonus #8 tip for you to send less time in worry: get your home in order!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Kim

    This is really great advice, as usual! And I am going to sign up for Catalyst Camp – it’s going to be my birthday present to myself! I am so excited! Thanks!

    • danaclaudat

      Well I will make sure its extra-great for you!!! Thats awesome!!! Yay!!! xoxoxo

  2. Holly

    What great tips! Thank you! And none of these are super expensive or time-consuming. I used to be conditioned that self-care was selfish. As I’ve grown out of this I’ve learned that when you nourish yourself you nourish those who depend on you in turn! (thanks so much to my wonderful husband who has reversed this thinking).
    I absolutely love the energizing properties of black pepper. Do you have any companies that make candles that you like with this rare scent in them? I have trouble finding it. Preferably a beeswax based candle.
    Also, if you need hydration that also lends energy, try an apple cider vinegar energy/sports drink. You simply add ice to a water bottle, a tablespoon of raw wild local honey, and a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar. Add some water but not fill it then shake vigorously to mix, then fill the rest of the way with ice and water. So refreshing and energizing! Thank you again Dana, for your wonderful vibes

    • danaclaudat

      You can add black pepper essential oil to a plan burning beeswax candle… and I love your sports drnk tip, going to try it soon!!! xoxoxoxo


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