Do You Need To Get Rid Of Some Goals That No Longer Fit You?

Dec 17, 2014 | Prosperity


The big question of the day:

Do you need to get rid of some goals that no longer fit your life? 

catcher in the rye

With infinite & immense gratitude I can say that every day of this month has been a lesson on a high level, a challenge, and, in part, a dream come true.

That’s a cool sentence to start, right?

It’s true.

And you are a huge part of that, so thank you, immensely.

Last night I had a flash of light pour into my life in the form of a friend who has a way of dragging truth from me with his relentless pursuit of making things happen.

I’d been talking to him for well over a year about writing a memoir of my family.  I think he reached his breaking point in the ongoing conversation.

He sort of leaned in, ” What do you think will need to happen to start on this?”

“Perhaps a few months off, after a while lot of work, maybe go away and just write it…”

“No.  That’s not gonna happen.  You are never gonna have that kind of time.”

I was shocked.  I laughed.  “I’m not really going to write this am I? ”

“Not without a plan. So…. No.”

And with that I was free of an item on my to-do list that has been my proof of failure each and every year.  The book I have failed to write.  I tell the stories of the book often.  For whatever reason it doesn’t take shape into a book.  And for whatever reason, I am letting it go off my to-do list for 2015.

It occured to me that…

I went to an offbeat therapist to see if I was repressing emotions about the past  that were blocking me from writing.

I researched places to live in Paris that were dog-friendly to take a few months off to write.

I had exhaustive conversations with people about it…

Did you notice that I’ve done everything but write it?!

I can always put it back on the list. I am sure it will, at some point, come to light.

But I can’t carry around a feeling that I should be doing something else even though I don’t want to do something else.

It’s…. clutter.

It’s weight.

It’s not needed.

Being unburdened of a goal that I feel no passion toward creating right now is an incredible feeling!

I’m still writing up a storm… but my own way.

Are you holding onto things on your “must-do”  To-Do list that don’t interest you, really, even if they sound good?

Are you willing to let go of  them… or some of them… in the pursuit of what you do want?

Its a big question that only you can answer.

The Catalyst Camp is open!   Its 8-weeks of the kind of space-clearing, clutter-clearing, life-elevating magic that can help you unearth much more of your genius that’s been burried in chaos.  We all have potential… but this New Year, my wish is for you to transform that potential to its greatest!   Check it out here!

Get ready for the lighter and more excited ever!!!!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Amy

    Judging by what you’ve written about your family here on this blog, I think it would make a fascinating book. I was looking forward to reading it. However, I’m very happy for you that you released yourself from this. It can be very freeing to just toss out a to-do list and start a new one. I hope one day, it will feel “right” to put this book back on your list. By the way, that photo of the roller skates is fabulous!


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