Four Ways To Allow Incredible Things Into Your Life!

Dec 19, 2014 | Prosperity


Now, this is romance and wonder, isn’t it?

When peonies are around I feel transported. Everything is beautiful.  Everything is possible.  Everything is fresh and lovely.

Everything should be this amazing.

Everything this rarified and gorgeous should be welcome into life, you know?

But sometimes things don’t feel welcome.  you just can’t find a husband to save your life, or a great job, or the cure for your illness or anything else… Sometimes we get stuck and suddenly it feels doomed.

People will tell you that your “vibration” is off, or something of the sort, if you can’t seem to get what you need.

But:  long before the days of New Age jargon and woo-woo reasoning, I was a kid in New Jersey who would sit through many adult conversations.  Adults with many problems. Love problems, crime problems, legal problems, drug problems.

A theme I remember as a child when something went wrong and the adults would talk about it in my kitchen:

” Forget about it. Onto the next. You are too f*&^ing good for that.” 

That’s it.  No Law Of Attraction. No Secret. No EFT. No deep thoughts. Just, “Onto the next.”


If you’ve tried and failed to bring things that you want into your life… you may be stuck in over -analyzing.

Today I thought I’d share a few thoughts from home that never failed to move people into action, out of their funk, and toward their own success…fast.

expect great things

Yep, you may have failed before to “manifest” what you want, but all hope is not lost.  In fact, you may just need to think less.

Be simple.

Expect greatness.  Everyone who expects greatness gets more greatness.  Simple.

Know your worth.  Pride and self esteen are invaluable.  In fact, there’s so much pride and community in my hometown in New Jersey (at least when I was a kid there was) that if something happened to one person, everyone reacted like it happened to every single person in the city.  Pride, value, doing the best you can— you’ll never feel wronged if you have these principles guiding you.

Label less.  Live more. When I hear people talk about themselves as a mess of psychological terms heaped into a pile I cringe. And feel very sad.  You are a person.  No matter what you may or may not have as obstacles to contend with, you are not the obstacles.  You are you.

Talk less, do more.  Having had the weirdest and most mind-numbing experiences with all kinds of  therapy I can say with a great measure of certainty that there’s a value in letting things go.  You can talk and talk and talk, but action is really really important!

Allow great stuff in. Simple. It can be. And I hope it is for you!!!!

xoxo Dana

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