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Dec 22, 2014 | Creativity


Giving oranges or tangerines on the New Year- and eating them- are an ancient ideas thought to create good fortune.

I like the symbolism. I like the giving, the color, the freshness, the ritual of eating…

Good fortune- though- is something you make for yourself.

step forward

Good fortune isn’t something I deal in professionally as a promise, since I can’t assess how much anyone is willing to sink into their home or life work.   Some people like to make their home look and feel better with some guidance and feng shui tips and skip over the other parts- the parts that require more of a level of commitment, patience and practice.

Things still change with tips and shifts… but it’s not quite the revelation that could be had with some more commitment.

Habits that create good fortune are very real.

And you can design them and shape them and practice them and hone them. If you are willing to actually DO it.

There’s an idea called The Law Of Attraction that deals with the idea that you will manifest what you want by thinking about it and “vibrating” at the same level as what you want and living as though you have what you want already in your hands.

I’ve seen (and done) things like this…. Thinking and getting so excited for something… and then an email or an invitation arrives… It’s manifested!!! …  It’s obviously destined.  Until… it turns out to be the most mis-matched relationship, terrible business idea or really disappointing event.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of awesome coincidences and synchronicities that turn out to be wonderful… but the big things- the real life-changing things-  usually take more than just a lucky meeting of your potential husband at a grocery store.  You may have met him… but you have a whole life to create and coordinate together now… and that’s not instant.

The things I’ve wanted and got and had major success with are the things I was willing to build.

They took care and patience and sometimes tears and trying.

I had to ask for what I wanted… and refuse to settle.

I heard that they were impossible and they were out of reach.

Yet, they “manifested” because I went after them in a way that was committed.  Certain.  Clear.

And they became incredible, defining moments.

I’m sure the Law Of Attraction was at work… but that’s not what was really at work.  I was at work.

When I’ve gotten lazy, disorganized… a bit wishy washy in the rainbows and unicorns kind of way and not grounded enough in my day to day life… my own magic seems to wear off.  I can’t ask or take steps or make moves because I am just not sure what to do.

Have you been there?

That isn’t a habit that creates good fortune.  It’s a way of life that creates bad karma.

If you are looking for luck, fortune and a life that reflects your best self, it’s no secret that you have to do the work.  The work can be puzzling to figure out, though—  knowing how exactly to go about getting something— so the fallback idea is to use the Law Of Attraction… instead of creating your own laws of attraction.

Create your own laws of attraction in thoughts, words and actions. 

Make stronger determination.

Develop more endurance… and better habits.

Get clear on your intention rather that just some goals you’ve been hauling around that don’t truly make you feel anything at all.

In Buddhism there is a principle of “not begrudging your life” for the practice.

Be brave.

Being willing to push away anything standing in the way of making the world a better place is a powerful idea.  Actually living that way– even when everything is against you-  is real transformation.

xoxo Dana


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