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Dec 27, 2014 | Creativity

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I didn’t always like change. In fact, I fought change for a very long time.

That’s sort of ironic considering my whole life is about shifting energy, feng shui’d design &  change-making now! But, it was in my own resistance to change that I learned just how much a person can needlessly suffer by resisting change.

There’s this awesome saying by vanguard psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung, “What you resist, persists.”

It’s held very true to me.

What about you?

Resist the need to move to a new place, fight against the diet that you know is best for you, go to war against compromise, get stuck in the past…. and suddenly, life becomes a stressful and scary place.

To turn it around, you really only need to decide you are willing to be OK with change, even if that seems unthinkable at the moment.

allow your desires

(the “allowing desires” crystal grid)

When my mother died unexpectedly a few years ago my first instinct was to stop time.  It was the hardest year of my life.  If only I could freeze things- slow them down- make them stay exactly the same- then I figured nothing bad would happen.  As a result I lost about a year of my life to this intense impulse to control things… and many many bad things came from my stress.  Bad decisions, health struggles, drama beyond belief.

Life was pushing me to change and I was ferociously pushing back.

Have you done this?

I’ve learned its not uncommon.  Resisting change people get stuck in losses, grief, imprisoned by history…


To embrace more change, there are real things you can do every day to be more ready for anything…

– Shake up a routine.  Walk instead of driving.  Draw with your opposite hand.  Eat something new.  Commit to trying more new things and re-patterning the “usual.”

–  Get more social. Say YES instead of NO to social invitations.  Move yourself out of the same old stuff.  Call friends, see more people.  Isolation is not a healthy thing.

–  Write… a lot.  My morning pages may be filled with nonsense, but that journal filled with nonsense is my salvation!  When you are able to write out your feelings, your fears, your stuck thoughts… they become less toxic, less imprisioning…

– When you are dealt a hand you don’t want to deal with do your best to turn it into an adventure. A blocked highway on the way to work? How cool can it be to explore side streets? A relationship that ended can mark the start of a newer and better one for you.

Believe me, I’m not sugarcoating anything. I’ve fought my way back from extreme illness and its not easy… but I can tell you that by making it more of an adventure I wasn’t ever really afraid and in that space of “adventure”  found ways to truly heal not just my body… but also my life.

For any of you who are trying hard to prevent bad things from happening, this vintage You Tube is for you:

Be open to change and you can leverage so much more energy toward opportunity rather than fighting things and staying stagnant!

Is there something you need to accept so that you can finally change it?

Are you ready to do it?!

xoxo Dana



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