Are You Creating Your Legacy?

Dec 29, 2014 | Prosperity



I know you may not think about your legacy… but it may be the best thing to live for.

It could be one person who will be changed for the better because you lived.

It could be that this one person affects thousands of others.

And then, soon, your legacy has changed a city, a state, a population…

Everyone is equally important, just as valuable as anybody else. everyone has a world-changing legacy.

And each day that you can show up and create more good in a day, even for one person, pet, plant… you change the world.


My sister and I are the legacy of these two heroes: my mom & Auntie Val.  My mom died 3 yeas ago… suddenly… short after this trip to visit Los Angeles. Auntie died yesterday.  And legacy is on my mind.

No one cares much about the Legacy area of the feng shui bagua map (you can learn more HERE).  It always astonishes me.  People are deeply concerned about Love and Money and Fame… but Legacy is sort of ignored.

But legacy is all we have to make us immortal and make our life a live well-lived.

What is the legacy you are building? Are you building a legacy?

I think back to the wisdom of Auntie in times where I just had no clue what to do…  Her attitude of showing up no matter what was happening in a day,  till her last day at 86.  No pain, no suffering, just here then gone.  I think about the way she never let her husband see her without makeup- putting it on early, before he woke up and going to bed with it on until he was asleep.  Last time she came to visit from New Jersey she forgot her makeup and refused to leave the house… so we had to sneak her into a drug store for an emergency stash of eyebrow pencil, foundation and powder.  Her soap operas.  Her persistence.  Her ability to laugh in the face of tragedy.  She never became dated, old, lost in the past or stuck in regret.  She drove, had a busy schedule, played with the dogs, kept up on every piece of hollywood gossip… and lived.  A lot.

Her legacy carries forth in me in so many ways.

My mom’s legacy,  too.  People look at me that know her and see in me what she created… who she was…

The legacy of others inspires me to be better, do more, reach, try, go…

I want people to look at me and see the values, the love and the experience that shaped me.

The legacy I am building is the most important thing in my life.  More than fame, money, relationships, anything… legacy is all of it and much more.  Legacy is what you give and leave for others.  Legacy is the strength of connection to the past and the something you leave for the future.

Think about how you can create legacy.  Let that guide you.  Its all about what you give, what you make, not what you have or take.

And don’t waste time. Every day is a huge gift.  xoxo Dana



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  1. Tanya

    Stunningly beautiful post, Dana! Thank you for the reminder to use our Legacy as our Guide. I lost my Mom this year and I could not agree more that, “Everyday is a huge gift!” Wishing you a stellar 2015 filled with oceans of ease and joy!

    • danaclaudat

      xoxoxo so sorry to hear about your loss. wishing you a wonderful, healthy and happy year ahead…!


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