Do You Feel Very Determined?

Jan 1, 2015 | Prosperity

yago hortal

(yago hortal)

I’ve come to send in many a New Year with a pile of very light hearted wishes and a sort of airy hope that things would change… Even if I passionately wanted things to change… I wasn’t in the driver’s seat ready to make the change. I thought that enough wishing would be enough.

I’ve started many a project with that same dreamy wonder. A bit on the rainbows and unicorns side of life.

Don’t get me wrong: I love rainbows and unicorns.  I love light and airy.

But determination and resolution are not flimsy ideas.

Determination had fueled the greatest triumphs in human history, born of daily, relentless “going for it” and a refusal to quit.

But we don’t always feel it… the energy, the passion, the momentum…

Do you feel determined?!

yago hirtal

(yago hortal)

While it’s extremely important to take lots of breaks and to treat yourself brilliantly well, when approaching your dreams in actions, turn up the work ethic.

Steven Pressfield talks a whole lot about being a “professional” in his landmark book “The War Of Art.”

“We’re all pros already.

1) We show up every day

2) We show up no matter what

3) We stay on the job all day

4) We are committed over the long haul

5) The stakes for us are high and real

6) We accept remuneration for our labor

7) We do not overidentify with our jobs

8 ) We master the technique of our jobs

9) We have a sense of humor about our jobs

10) We receive praise or blame in the real world”

And in reading that list, where do you feel shaky?  Do you quit throughout the day? Do you make your work so personal that the fear of doing something unusual or new is paralyzing?

If you are setting out to make anything happen for yourself in a really solid, determined way:

1. Get organized. Professionals have their lives together. Get an accountant or a spreadsheet or sme great software for your finances. Get your home organized.  Get rid of things you just don’t need.

2. Meet your demons head-on.  If you have been using escape-hatch habits or addictions  (drugs, drinking, blame, abusive relationships, excessive exercise or sugar to name just a few) to hide from your potential, now is the time to meet your demon head on.  There is support available for every single type of issue that may pop up in your life.

3. Create a list of milestones to let yourself know when you are closing in on what you want.  Sure, an actor knows they’ve arrived after booking a lead in a feature film, but what about booking a guest starring role a few times to start? A few commercials?  There are all kinds of landmarks that let you know that you are “arriving”…. set those and celebrate them!

4. Stay open to things that come your way.  Don’t hold too tightly to just one way you imagine things should be. Stay open: you may just find surreal, out-of-this-world stuff arrive for you that you’d never expected.

5. Don’t be afraid of work!  If you love what you do, it isn’t really work anyway.  I have been known to “work” 7 days a week.  But, you know, I am mixing up aromatherapy masques and pickig colors and making art and reading and trying out homeopathy and taking new detox baths… so I am pretty sure that my work is totally fine to indulge in!  But sometimes I have really grueling work… like hours of accounting, logistical nightmares to solve, true challenge deadlines for writing… and I’ve come to be just as excited about that as I am about testing out a nap schedule (!) and shooting a new gluten-free recipie for the blog. Embrace it all. Its my experience that the most successful (in every way) people are not afraid to truly work.

The more seriously you take your dreams the more seriously your dreams will be taken by the universe!

Do you feel determined? Do you have an idea of how to shift it?

xoxo Dana



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  1. Ann Haines-Hardman

    Hi again Dana
    I just wanted to start 2015 with a big thank you to you and your blog.

    I read it regularly in 2014 and was courageous enough to walk away from a job where all the nastiness and negativity drained me. I didn’t have another one to go to but took the time to think about who I really was, what made me special and what talents I could offer an employer.
    I moved to a country town and wanted to tell you that because I put myself ‘out there’ and went to help put chairs out , and help in the kitchen, I have now been offered my dream job of organising Activities for the Elderly in a Rest Home. This time next year I will be a qualified Diversional Therapist. At 60 !!! It is giving me loads of challenges and rewards already. It’s never too late to become the person you always wanted to be.
    Blessings to you. Keep up the great work in 2015.

    Ann in Nz xx

    • danaclaudat

      Ann this is just the coolest most uplifting message ever. you are soooo awesome! i’m thrilled to read this and just so excited for you!!! xoxoxo


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