Do You Have The Help You Need?

Jan 4, 2015 | Prosperity

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We all need support.  And we all have to be able to accept it.

In fact, in feng shui, the area of “helpful people” in your home affects your prosperity and self-worth and strength.

Support can be a network of people, a strong spiritual practice, a mountain of great wisdom, groups, a diet that keeps your energy high and pure…

Today’s expansive design is all about cultivating more support in your life. 


Animals are so amazing for infinite reasons, but these guys are incredible because they support each other so freely.  When Bob got out of the house, Gordon ran to his rescue.  When one feels sick, the other cuddles up to help out.

Everyone needs someone. And more than “one” someone.  Many someones. Not someones just to take from, but also someones to give to as well.

Right now if you feel like you have to do everything all alone its time to shift that thinking.

We are not meant to be alone all the time.  In fact, alone we are so much less powerful.  We never would have evolved from primitive man  without the power of organized communities.

You just need to find “your people.”

If you need more support to get through a problem, crisis or anything else… reach out.

  • Call a group…. show up and be a part.
  • Pull together some books from the library (books are great!) or a bookstore that you can reach for and keep around you as reminders that there’s wisdom to empower you everywhere.
  • See your friends more often. Treat them brilliantly.  Support them!
  • Spend time in Nature- the earth is ultimately so supportive of all of life.
  • Ask experts for help… and decide if their advice resonates.  Use what does!
  • Hire help if you can.  You do not need to do everything yourself.  At this point I can design my whole new blog (*coming this year!) myself but I may fall to pieces if I try with everything else I have doing on… There are times you need to let go, synergize, collaborate…
  • And help yourself much more often.  The more you take great care of yourself even in simple ways, the more you can give of yourself… and the more deserving you will feel of even more help.

Have you had to work a bit to find your “tribe” ?  Have you embraced community more these days?  I used to be a total loner, hyper-independent person and it was based on my need for control… it never works out well.  Be a part of the world more and I promise you’ll find your prosperity soaring in so many ways!

xoxo Dana


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  1. maggie

    I have a group of friends that I love and are writers as well. I feel like I may need to solidify our “tribe” and make weekly meetings, just so we all have others supporting us. I love this idea!



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