Feng Shui For Less Thinking And More Doing!

Jan 7, 2015 | Creativity


Actions move life along.  You don’t need me to tell you that, but it bears repeating since lots of us get caught in a think-storm where its so easy to sit in analysis and so hard to actually make a move.

In feng shui, everything is about energy moving freely.

If your energy is not moving – in other words, you are lost in contemplation- its time to reconnect to life more and start going.

Today’s feng shui tackles a few of the reasons we get stuck in thought— the times when  actions feels a million miles away from a reality. If you can jump over these stuck-thoughts, everything becomes easier and everything becomes ACTUAL!

think less do more

Perfectionism is a big stop to action. If its not going to be perfect, you aren’t going to do it… and in this way, nothing gets done.  Perfect is a dream-killing illusion.  I know that you are aware of the folly of perfection.  Still we do it… cling to perfect.  If you are really busy, trust me, perfectionism will fly out the window and will be replaced by “doing your personal best.”

Lack of confidence is another big life-stopping action. After all, if you don’t trust yourself, how can you do anything? Confidence is something you gain from doing things! If you just think, you will not build confidence.

Fear of the unknown in another big obstacle to action.  The unknown can be the scariest thing, especially when you are already in fear of things in your life. What is comfortable feels more comfortable.  There’s that saying, ” The Devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”  The problem with this statement is that it implies that there are Devils everywhere!!! There is only unknown.  Stop trying to predict and start creating more of the outcomes you want in actual action!

You might have something else stopping you from making a move… You aren’t deserving… You aren’t smart enough…. You aren’t young or old enough…

Do it anyway.

Do it anyway.

Do it anyway.

We can analyze and scrutinize ourselves endlessly and all that leads to is more thinking.

Nothing gets done!!!!

If you want to do more and think less….

Look at places in your home where you feel that the energy sinks.  Put a lamp there. Or add a fan.  Don’t let energy sink and go dark on parts of your home. It’s a mirror of your life, and you want things to be active and flowing.

Spend time in Nature.  Even a little time by a tree or two can liven up your connection to life in a powerful way.  Hold leaves in your had and inspect them closely.  Feel the tree bark.  Hug the tree.  See if you can feel the energy of the tree move through you.  Nature helps us to be calm and trust ourselves much more!

And, really stop yourself from the spinning-thinking cycle with action. Stuck in thought? You Tube some yoga and do 5 minutes of it.  Turn on loud music and dance around or sing in your car. You get the hang of it.  Do. Do. Do.

Think less… move more!

It’s a practice, not a one-time thing.  Practice. Practice. Practice.

You’ll find that without thinking so much your actual aptitude and ability to do things will soar!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Lee Wiltshire

    Hi Dana..I would just like to say a big thank you.I have been following you for the last 4 or 5 months..in that time listening to you l have not only change my life, But totally transformed for the better! I was in a total rut..but listening to your little video clips..have been amazing!!..one world that had the biggest effect..was “change”!!! which I embrace. I can’t thank you enough. so keep the video’s coming please..And wishing you a happy new and prosperous new year!! Lots of love &happiness.
    Lee in London.

    • danaclaudat

      lee you have made my week! what a beautiful message & I am honored to have been even a tiny part in your big change! happiest new year!!!

  2. Nancy LeBlanc

    Well then, Hello & Happy Blessed New Year to you! Since this is the “9”, year, I am hooping this will Finally be, “my year”. I say this because my Birthdate is, 09/09/54! So, should I start looking forward to finally, finding “HOME”? _/\_

  3. Adaire

    Thank you for this wonderful article ~ These reminders are soooo important & spoke right to me!

    Print worthy ??


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