Graphically Serene Rooms In Black & White

Jan 7, 2015 | Home Style

(christine dovey)

While black and white colors beside one another create a sort of push-pull energy in your eyes (there’s an expanding and contracting energy to each color respectively) in themselves, a very simplistic palette of color that relies of black and white can be the most serene.

I happen to love graphic black and white. Especially for office spaces given that I work with color all day!

So easy. So musical.

(hunted interior)

Totally gorgeous and so classic.


(popsugar diy painted pillows)

 And wow, how easy, energized and yet calm is this awesome black & white room?!

While I love a rainbow perhaps more than anyone I know, sometimes the pared down simplicity of black & white is classic, high-style calm.  xoxo Dana

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