Feng Shui To Have The Energy For The Things You Really Want!

Jan 9, 2015 | Creativity


When is the last time you had fun?  Real fun.  Fun that was uplifting, that made you feel wide awake…!

Last night I feel asleep smiling… So energized after an incredible dinner party. These nights are always a vital reminder:

Fun is not something frivolous. I think its something of a superfood.  A mood-enhancer.  A vitamin.

If you want to have much more room for what you love in your busy life, fun is a wonderful way to start.  And here is a bit of feng shui to move you to bring more of the energy of fun to your life…! 


I happen to love crystals. Dazzling, sparkling wonders filled with the energy of earth sort of pulsing in dynamism from their core, crystals are a source of great fun for me.  I know they are just rocks, but yet so much more than a rock.  Each has a story, an emotion, a complex configuration… and each makes me intensely happy.

There are things that light everyone up.  From football games to documentarty films, museums to food trucks, we all have things that we really can’t get enough of… Somehow they are one with our personal mythology, intertwined with what we identify as who we “really are” outside of our jobs and our lives that may not be wholly and fully passionate.

Why don’t we do more of them?!

I suppose for different reasons it doesn’t really come together easily, this flow of fun.

In feng shui, the idea of flowing chi-  or energy, life force, etc- is intertwined with our personal energy.

This means: the more your home excites you, the more your body will flow, filled with excitement.

Fun is not a luxury.  Its part of the way we bring more life force- literally- to life.

To have a home that is much more fun…

Add games.  Yep. Games. What did you like to play as a kid? Monopoly is a mainstay. I love games.  Even games that pre-date me like Twister are incredible!!! Real engaging games vs. Video Games that suck you into an alternate universe !

Make sure guests can be really comfortable.  I’ve visited homes where I almost sank into a sofa or get impaled by art on a sofa wall… and the people in these homes were equally stuck and bristling.  Even something as easy as floor pillows opens up the comfort levels in a home.

Create a story with objects you display in your home.  I happen to feel put off by too many random decoative knicknacks with no purpose.  Yes, beautiful things are always beautiful, but too many things with no emotional investment read as clutter to most people.  Its overwhelming to live in what looks like a home goods store.   If you want a display, create a story with your display.  Not everything needs to have massive meaning, but the more the better!

Invite in good energy.  Meaning: add wit, humor, art, color and light that is dazzling.  Throw pillows or a great framed poster can do the job brilliantly!

And, of course, make more time to do what you love.  I can’t say this enough: socalizing, indulging in passions, having fun:  these are not luxury, they are necessity…!  xoxo Dana



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