Do You Need To Re-Start Your Day?

Jan 12, 2015 | Prosperity

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Sometimes Bob decides to climb on my head and torment me until I wake up.  Sometimes he refuses to take a nap… or insists on taking one with me.  There are so many random (and compelling) factors that take a day off its tracks.

Every so often I wake up too late with a blank mind and a body that would rather go for a long walk than sit and write or follow through with errands.  Sometimes I wake to news that there’s a technical error, a strange thing has gone awry, or someone has an urgent question to pile upon a day where I am aready telling myself I am behind.

Do you have these days?!

I think we all do.

In times of “today is already too off track!” I have come to find that the only way to make something of the day is to literally re-start the day.

Today’s expansive design idea of the day is all about making a day go back on track when it has fallen very far off the radar of what you expected!


Feng Shui To Re-Start The Day

1. Energy is where its at.  Get more of it.  Not fake energy but real energy.  Not caffiene but real food.  Eat.  Often I’m not synching up with a day when I am hungry, thirsty or otherwise depleted.  I know its counter-intuitive to go get a great meal or to cook something wonderful, but that’s what I always do… and it never fails to be a big part of a re-start!

2. Communicate! Tell people you are late,  things have unexpectedly come up, you’ve failed to finish… whatever it is.  The biggest form of stagnation in a crazy day comes from a failure to communicate in my experience.  When you can talk about things they become far less stressful!

3. Take care of what matters most, first!   You know what is most important.  If you have to cancel the rest of the day to do what is most vital, do it!  Again, I know this is also impractical, but practical things can pile up and distract you from getting the big things done!

When I know its not practical to do everything I need to do in a day, I make a “for later” list and keep all the other stuff out of my head and put it on a page where it can be done later.

4. Look in the mirror and smile.  My mom would tell me when I was upset and didn’t want to go to grammar school that if I took time to make myself look good and smiled in a mirror and kept smiling that soon my mood would change.  Science supports this!

5. When the day is over, you have an opportunity to make this never happen again!  Look over your day and you will see where and how you could have been more prepared, organized or otherwise taken care of yourself to prevent a crazy day from hitting you as soon as you wake up.

Take steps to get things in order, get to bed earlier, get ahead of yourself in work, schedule more realistically…. Whatever holes you see in the plan of life you have been living present you an opportunity to do things so much better!

Days that are “off” usually show me the way to grow… if I am willing to not freak out and listen, instead!

If you are having an “off” day or even an “off” week, embrace the weirdness and see if you can find a way to flip this temporary annoyance into something fantastic!



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