My Ultimate Holistic Guide To Beating A Cold!

Jan 12, 2015 | Food-Shui

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I realized recently that many of you love checklists.

You asked for them.  And more of them.

I happen to love checklists too, so this was a thrilling revelation.

As I reviewed all that I did today to halfway (I’m getting there!!!) conquer the start of a bad cold before it settled in and became a “thing” in my life, I realized it was checklist-worthy!

Here is my ultimate holistic guide to beating a cold.  Everything suggested is sugar-free, chemical-free, gluten-free and nearly free of cost as often as possible! 


15 Natural Cold-Squashing Methods

  1. Refrain from talking about feeling sick or remarking to yourself about how sick you feel.  This is where TV/Netflix can be a great thing to distract you from obvious symptoms.  The more I talk about being sick the more I spiral into it.
  2. Drink at least a few extra glasses of water above your usual.  If you aren’t used to drinking plain water often, this is a great thing.
  3. Mix in Wellness Drink One: hot water + lemon.
  4. Mix in Wellness Drink Two: hot water + cinnamon + honey. 
  5. Mix in Wellness Drink Three: hot water  + apple cider vinegar + honey + cayenne pepper. 
  6. Have some green tea and/or boiled ginger root tea. 
  7. Take a hot bath in one cup of baking soda.  It can help re-align your energy.
  8. Drink bone broth. 
  9. Sleep more than you think you need to sleep (do not use an alarm to wake up!)
  10. Try Oil Of Oregano.  I mix two drops into a half a teaspoon of coconut oil and have it three times a day when I’m not feeling great.
  11. A few drops of frankincense essential oil on the soles of feet = immunity boosting.
  12. Gargle with a tsp of sea salt in a big glass of warm water for sore throats.
  13. Put turmeric on everything (in bone broth, in salad dressings, smoothies…. all over the place) for a few days.
  14. Swallow some honey and raw garlic mixed together.  (chop garlic cloves, add honey to make a paste, eat this by the spoon full a few times a day)
  15. Stretch a lot between sleep sessions!

Some version of this serves me very well if a bad cold is threatening my week.  There are many more things to try but these have been my best defenses lately…

What is your cure? Willing to share it below? I hope so: We can expand this list to 100 reesources with your help and feedback!   xoxo Dana



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  1. kimberly borchardt

    Raw honey + Turmeric… Make a paste typically 50-50 but you can add more or less honey depending on your preference. Keep a jar full on the counter and take by the t-spoon full a few times a day to ward off the flu. Bonus: It liquifies mucous within minutes…

    • danaclaudat

      wow. i’m making this immediately!!!


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