Start A Garden From Your Leftover Groceries!

Jan 16, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

green onions growing in water

I happen to have a huge greenhouse window in the place, now, and while I’m still living here, its time to start expanding the garden with… kitchen scraps!  This is not a new idea- but its a great one!  In feng shui terms, the idea of re-generating nature is excellent fortune, and the projects are endlessly fun.  Plus, you don’t really have to invest anything except your leftovers and a jar here and there to get started!

Above you’ll find the easy place I plan to start today, re-growing green onions from scraps.  You just need the bottom (white) end to do this!  The Burlap Bag breaks it down, here.  I’m going to put my results on Instagram. Love that the results come within a week!!!

ginger growing

What about growing some leftover ginger? Next time I accidentally over-buy, I am going this one.  You can turn your ginger into an awesome plant!  The Rainforest Garden will show you how, and there’s even a video!  

pinapple growing

I had my eye on some gorgeous pineapple last time I was at the marjet, and today I am getting one.  Looks like a simple project, albeit really elegant.  The coolest part? If you do this rightm within 2 years you can almost magically have new pineapple!!!!!  17 Apart will show you how it goes! 

regrow romaine

I blaze through romaine lettuce so this one is sort of a no-brainer.  This one also makes my grocery list tonight! Protracted Garden will walk you through this, step-by-step!

tomato plants

Bookmarked for next year, you can save clippings of tomato plants and have giant, tomato-making plants for the next tomato season!  Vegetable Gardener breaks it down!


I’m not a frequent celery user, but celery is apparently quite simple to grow, too!  17 Apart has another incredible how-to HERE.

There’s never a lack of cool things to do, you know?!  Take your leftovers and transform them into a garden.  Create more.  Think in terms of alchemy. These little projects bring a big dose of prosperity into your life!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Tampiana

    This is great. Gonna definitely try the onion and lettuce. Thanks!

  2. Sylvia

    My 13 year old daughter and I were just starting to plan a garden. Perfect timing and great ideas! Thank you!


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