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Jan 18, 2015 | Uncategorized

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When you truly love someone or something its almost impossible to say goodbye, even for a short while. It’s the lingering at the airport, the anticipation of having to leave, the hugging so hard you want to sort of melt together so that you miss nothing…

Too many people are scared to love like this.  The loss even momentarily is so great.  It’s too hard to be seperate.  Its too fraught with wanting so badly to be there that you almost need.

But why not do it anyway?

It’s so amazing to love so much that it opens you up.  While, yes, there are all kinds of things like “healthy boundaries” and “avoiding love addiction” if you are not in love this deeply with anyone or anything, you may be so afraid to lose that you waon’t even attempt to love.

The first screw up on behalf of a potential beloved raises a red glad.  The flags grow fast because you are on high alert.   Simple things become big things.  We react to them.  We run.

Years later we wonder why a relationship didn’t work…

But its really important to be able to lose to be able to love.

Even if its scary, love anyway.  I think its part of why we are here… to love.  xoxo Dana

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