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Jan 26, 2015 | Prosperity

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There’s so much beauty in the world, but it can be such a challenge to see it.

After all, there’s a lot to do and no time to watch a sunset, you know?

If you’ve been feeling flat, exhausted, overwhelmed or otherwise less than psyched, you may have sort of energetically filled yourself… even if its not with the energy you want!

Whether it’s 90 hour workweeks, intense family problems, a tempestuous relationship or anything else that sort of consumes your life, it can be easy to become so “full” of energy that you can’t handle any more.

Getting lost in internet, TV, something to sort of run away from the sizable mountain of stuff that can overcome your life…All so seductive… But really, all you want to do is check out, stay distracted, cope… keep it together…

Sound familiar?

If you dream of a life where great things can come in, you need to make space for them. And today’s expansive design idea is all about making that kind of calm, clear space.  


It was a big thing for me. I liked to trade one overwhelming situation for another, even seemingly positive ones like awesome jobs or great adventures, that each took over my life. It was a subtle way of not letting certain things in that were mixed with uncertainty.

After all, your career can’t leave you, hurt you, manipulate you… (it can, but we reason it can’t)… like a toxic friend or partner.

Your dutifulness to attend to all the problem people around you who clearly need your help is something noble to get lost in, isn’t it? And by doing so you never have to look at the unfulfilled promises to care for ourselves better… never have to see how much neglect has happened…

These are just small common examples of ways we deliberately fill up our lives to create no space for the new. Then there are the non-deliberate things that sort of pile up… Unfinished business, unattended problems, a ton of to-do’s on the list… an incredible spectrum of stuff can take over your life.

But, you can still make space for what you want.

And need.

There’s a feng shui concept called yin and yang. Yin is quiet and slow and soft. Yang is loud and bright and hard. We love and value yang. It is attention getting, charismatic and a storm of activity.   Yin seems sort of passive, weak… who has time for that?!

I hope you do!



Yin is how we receive. How we accept.How we love. How we take in wonderful things. How we flourish.

Without yin, you create more and more stuff to fill your life with action and never get to experience anything magical.

I personally think people fear yin.

It’s scary to have the space and calm and peace in your life to let in things that move you to your core. It’s not clear what could happen. Could all this deep feeling be trusted? Are you deserving of all the greatness coming your way?

So, it’s easier to run around creating lots of Yang energy, everywhere.

It’s funny how all that “doing” can leave you empty-handed, you know?

What would happen if you unloaded some of the burden?

What would it be like if you set aside your to-do list at a certain hour and let yourself live much more…quiet, calm, easy, enjoyable… ?

Nothing that’s an obligation. Nothing that is work. Nothing that is for anyone else.

It’s so simple it’s almost impossible to believe, but this is the kind of space in your life that invites true success, however you define it.

Idea for the week: put aside the stuff – other people’s problems, work worries, over-obligation to anything- and spend at least an hour a day letting yourself be. Get a massage. Surrender to a nap. Surrender to life.

This will fill you up.

It’s not luxury… its what we all need.

If you try it, please let me know what happens!



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