Perfect Interior Pinks!

Jan 27, 2015 | Home Style


Pink doesn’t have to look like a princess bedroom, as much as I have a secret love of the princess bedroom!  In fact, pink is calming, sophisticated and the sweetest dose of heart-warming fire for a space.

Today, some pink-spiration that is strong, solid and totally stylish.


A strong pink with lots of soft texture wins on all counts. Even the puppy crazy-loves it.  My little Bob is partial to pink. In fact, it’s his favorite color!

Pink isn’t always simply sweet, it’s also empowering because it’s full of fire and yet calming.  Pink is in the upper level of vibrational colors, meaning… it’s happy-making.  Pink can calm your nerves while it motivates love and heart-opening prosperity.

wing it clare paint

(this is my latest wall color, project coming soon)


Grasscloth doesn’t have to be beige… ! This pink wall makes the room come to life with light, texture and soul.

There’s so much you can do with pink– it can be your newest neutral!



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