What It Looks Like To Live Your Dream Life (& How To Do It)

Jan 28, 2015 | Prosperity


You know, I think more people are in their “dream life” than they realize.  I mean, how lucky are we to be able to read blog posts and have homes and the luxuries that seem small in comparison to what we want but are so enormous its crazy…!!!???

I realized that I am surrounded with people who are living their dreams on a high, or are on the way to doing it, and the apparently Alanon-borne adage, ” You are like the 5 people you spend the most time with,” is a beautiful one.

Are you on the road to living your dreams or…are you living them… and perhaps you don’t realize it?

Today’s expansive design idea is all about what it sems to be like when your dream life is your real life, and how to close the gap if you aren’t there quite yet. 


A handful of people asked me write about what a day in my life looks like.

It looks not what you (or I) might think.

  • I spend about 6 hours writing or sharing posts or researching things.
  • About an hour reading.
  • At some point I’ll take a bath.
  • There are loads of emails- at least an hour’s worth.
  • And then preparing and moving through all the projects in front of me for a few hours…. sometimes five, six.
  • And cooking, eating…walking dogs.
  • Seeing friends gets mixed in, or course… Finding inspiration… Making art sometimes…

But I spend about 14 hours a day doing what some people call work.

The thing is, it doesn’t feel like work.  But it is.

It occured to me as I head out to film a super-exciting project that I can not wait to share (!) that I am totally and completely blessed to live my dreams.

I don’t get to take lots of vacations yet or lounge around much… I don’t have a typical schedule.  I feel fantastic, I am seeing the fantastic bloom around me and to the people who say I work too much I say, “I am really really lucky and I hope it never ends.”

As for as I’m concerned I’m just scratching the surface of what I want to do.  It doesn’t make life less of a dream.

Every single thing I am doing is something I deeply love.  It took a decade to study and learn and build, but its been exciting every single step of the way.

Maybe dream lives don’t look like a beach getaway every day?  (*By the way, I’ve done that and it gets intensely boring after a while. )

You make your own luck.

Start now.


Are you actually living your dream life now and perhaps you don’t realize it?   Do you have things around you that you love? Are you working toward a mission? Are you excited for what you are creating with your time, even if you aren’t nearly at the finish line?

You are living your dreams.

If that’s you, it’s time to treat the long days, the deep challenges, the incredible obstacles and the amazing stuff around you with as much excitement as the fun times and the easy breezy days. When you embrace the dream, you get so much more of it.

If you are not living your dreams quite yet, you may be unsure of what direction to take, not quite clear on your mission, maybe too cluttered, confused or stuck for your liking… And that’s a great place to start!

If this is you, I hope you can grab yourself a copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  Read it, do it, ive it.  Clear some clutter.  Start feeling out the situations where you thrive and the situations where you feel small.  Trust yourself and allow yourself to feel much bigger… huger… than you’ve allowed yourself to be before.

It’s never perfect. I was living my dreams 10 years ago but was too focused on the end product to see how amazing the stuff I was that I was doing.  I was too busy lamenting unstimulating day jobs and creating so many problems for myself that I didn’t see what I was doing… It’s only when I realized that I was so fortunate to have a purpose and know it- finally – and put it into action even in small building steps that I found it growing…

Truth is: you have to start somewhere.  Just start. No matter where you are there’s always going to be the next place you want to be.  Don’t forget to enjoy right now!

xoxo Dana



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