7 Ideas To Bend Space & Time To Meet Impossible Deadlines!

Jan 29, 2015 | Creativity

dana claudat feng shui

I feel like I just broke through space & time yesterday (see above: end of a day I can’t wait to share with you!)   In one day more was accomplished than I ever thought possible.

While none of us can run on an intense Gamma brain wave Level 10 for life as a standard, there are all sorts of times when its necessary, especially to move to the next level in a project.

Remodel and home and you know about impossible deadlines.

Get involved in an event-based business or journalism or just about anything in the world you want to really launch yourself in and the deadlines are vibrantly impossible.

I’ve come to embrace the occasional incredible deadline as something I need to grow.  Now that I have an entire year already packed with them since it began, its become more important to really grasp how to pull off a deadline without becoming the victim of the deadline!

If you are doing anything thats big in scope and very finite in the time you have to finish it,  here’s everything I can share that I’ve collected so far about bending space and time (without going nuts!) to meet an impossible deadline. 

dana claudat feng shui

This was hour 5 of non-stop filming and connecting to a big group to get a job done.  Just getting to this seat required creating stuff that would have taken at least six months in human time to create… but it was done in one month.  And… dare I say it… It’s going to be amazing!!!

The temptations of perfectionism, overthinking, creating problems and thinking things are “just impossible” can really but the breaks on the extraordinary.  What if it were the standard to think less and just do much more? 

You can do it!If you really want to do it, you can!

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7  Pretty Simple Ways To Make Deadlines Work For You

1. Work with extraordinary, happy, competent people.  If you are working with negative, angry or otherwise not qualified people it will be far more work that you anticipated.  Every single person I’ve seen try to save money by hiring an unqualified person to do removation work that seemed “simple” wouund up having to do it twice… or worse.  Seek out the best people to work with if you have to work with other people.  Pay for the best you can get.  You will be much happier.

2. Forget multitasking.  When you really have things to do “multitasking” is another word for “sabotage.” Shut off everything but what you have to do for the day.

3. Get more help. Ask for favors, hire help…do yourself the service of not being a hero.  Heroics have been my personal favorite form of subtle sabotage.

4. Stop complaining.  Stop complaining. Stop complaining. Stop complaining.  Stop complaining.  Stop complaining.

5. Keep eating. Keep sleeping.  The world won’t end if you need to have lunch or take a nap.  These are the things that make you more productive.

6. Take breaks to see space near and far. Go outside and look at far away objects, then near-to-you objects, then far away objects.   You’ll start feeling yourself revie a bit, out of your head, more a part of present-day life.

7. Celebrate in a big way.   If you can’t celebrate, why bother?!  Celebrate each deadline you hit, every milestone you make… It will move you forward to celebrate even if you are only celebrating the fact that you got halfway up the mountain…That celebration will help get you up the rest of the way.

xoxo Dana


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  1. Maurice Ottey

    The set is beautiful Dana. The production set-up, crew, positioning of equipment (i.e. boom mics, furniture placement.. is just great). It takes quite a bit of energy to do this. Must have been an outstanding crew. Celebrations are in order. And, you look great. The red makes the set come alive!

  2. maggie

    2. is so important. I feel like in this society, we think that by multitasking we are being more productive, but it couldn’t be any far less from the truth! Take on one thing at a time, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.



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