10 Ways To Know Its Time To Take A Break!

Jan 30, 2015 | Prosperity, Sensory Goodness

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While I doubt you needed reminders of something you already know, it’s really vital to take breaks.

If you just “go, go, go” you don’t have the energy to actually receive things. Believe it or not, its a feng shui principle that being receptive is as important as being proactive.

This weekend you’ll find me at the spa, maybe hills or the beach, the flea market buying crystals and sage, in bed and… not online!

Breaks and rest make my life magical.

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Everyone knows when they have truly hit a wall for a moment, but if this is the way you’ve been living day-to-day, your habits can create a giant blindspot you can’t see… while you slowly or quickly get drained of life force.

These are signs I’ve found that a true lifestyle switch is in order:

1. A malady that’s strange pops up (like a persistent sore throat or just-won’t quit exhaustion or headaches)  and no doctor can get to the bottom of it.

2. The thought of seeing people is overwhelming, even at the grocery store.

3. Insomnia is replaced by an inability to get out of bed.  (the stress finally pushed you over the edge)

4. Something as easy as checking an email feels like a monumental burden.

5. Eating is something you only do when its convenient (*this is a very bad one, as hunger can appear to be all kinds of maladies and hunger is also a major form of stress).

6. You aren’t able to grasp how amazing life is because you are always rushing.

7. Your social life shrinks because the idea of fitting in other people feels like its just too much (see #2)

8.  Relationships you have start fading to dark, and you fear rather than embrace the idea of repairing and maintaining them… after all, do you really have energy to give?

9. Clutter is everywhere.   Everywhere.  Want to take an awesome break that rejuvenates your life? Start clearing clutter. Clean your house.  Life-changing-stuff!

10. You are not on time for anything.  And if you are on time, you’re barely prepared.

If this reads as you, are you ready to make a change?

Can you percieve your life without this drag or this block?

Luckily there are 2000 posts of ideas to use homeopathy, lifestyle shifts, feng shui and modern science to really do the work of revamping your life.  I know you can do it.  All you have to be is willing to rest first….and then keep choosing you first.  Wellbeing first.

Trust me you aren’t going to regret it.

xoxo Dana

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