Do You Trust Yourself Enough?

Feb 2, 2015 | Prosperity

When you shop for things like crystals, only you know what’s best for you.  Despite the charts, the experts, the mythology of each rock, the energy of each stone- in my experience- calls out to you.

Does it defeat the point of experts?

No. Well, sort of.

You are always going to be your best expert.  I believe this so wholeheartedly that I can’t empasize it enough. You will always know in your heart what is best.  Sometimes you just have to sweep away alot of “expert” voices to hear the truth.

But, if you don’t trust yourself to begin with, this all falls on deaf ears.  I know, I’ve been there.  I’ve gotten so far away from myelf that I needed to rely on other people to tell me what to do…

It’s an endless cycle.  And then, when things go wrong you have to look to others and their “bad advice.” So then you seek “better” advice.  And then that isn’t right either… Because the one thing left out of the equation is YOU.

Today is all about trusting yourself.  It’s not instant.  But it’s so important.
crystals selenite

Peace is something we all need to allow. Selenite is a crystal thought to promote peace.  It’s certainly peaceful looking: milky white, opaque, pure, a bit glittery…

That same sense of peace is always available to you.  If you want to get more in tune with your own wisdom, just start with quieting down your life.  Shut off the electronics.  Stop talking to people.  Stop searching.  Stop researching.  Quiet down your lights,  your schedule… Close the curtains. Let yourself be.

Find peace in breathing.  Take a nap.  Stop computing.  You’ll be amazed at what happens when you can get quiet.

Look at choices as an adventure, not a stress.  No matter what you decide, if it feels good at the time than the outcome is also good, even if you don’t like it!   I have made some really hard choices that led to outcomes that I was not at all thrilled about until much later.  Sometimes you have to choose the storm. And weather that storm.

The cool thing is, the more I’ve come to trust myself the less storms appear.  Sure some things haven’t 100% gone my way but they are no longer cataclysmic because I’m not living detached from myself.

The most important thing I can share from years of re-learning how to trust myself : humility.  There’s this saying in 12-Step programs that “your best thinking got you to this place.”  Sometimes being humble and surrendering to the flow of life more, not the might of your mind, is the only way to change a pattern that’s hard to break from.  Its not like one day you’ll wake up and suddenly trust yourself.  But over a series of decisions and moments it will become a habit to have more faith in whatever you believe the force or forces are that animate life.

And, practice. There’s a reason why things like yoga and meditation are a practice.   If you are ready to really make lifestyle changes that’s a moment-by- moment thing.  That’s choosing what feels right as a habit rather than a once-in-a-while situation.

Start now.  Start small.  Maybe eat more intuitively?   Or decide on something you want to do this week more by feeling than by obligation? Let that energy build.   Keep going.  That trust does more than just help you to make better decisions… it helps you show up more powerfully for every day.  I think you’ll love it.  xoxo Dana

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