Three Steps To Making Decisions That Feel Right!

Feb 5, 2015 | Prosperity

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Decisions are all cause and effect.  You decide.  Something happens.  Right now you are experiencing the results of past decisions.  Its all a cycle.

I almost got pulled into an “instant” root canal yesterday.  I didn’t know what a root canal was. I didn’t understand the implications. I had no idea but I was told I needed it and it seemed like I had no choice.  What felt like a relief- the solution to my non-stop dull jaw pain- had become a second sort of problem.

I didn’t do it instantly.

I am supposed to do it soon.

A flood of emails came in expressing the dangers of root canals, how they chould be avoided, how they are a hoax… I appreciated each one, shedding new light on a topic I knew nothing about a few hours prior.   I do know one thing: a swollen jaw is dangerous and I’m not going to take herbs and “positively think” my way to wellness on its own in this situation.  But, perhaps I’d need to find someone who did a root canal more in line with what I feel to be right?

Maybe it can’t be avoided but can be done safer and better?

Decisions. Decisions.

I’ve had to make more than one life-or-death decision of great gravity far beyond a root canal in the past, and in making crazy big decisions I have a bit of a method. It works for me, it may or may not work for you… and its what I teach so I figure I better keep living it!

Faced with a big decision? Start with calm and you can get to a place that you know is right for you!



My Three (Feng Shui’d) Steps To Huge Decision Making

1. Research like crazy.

Hours. Days if you need to.  Talk to people.  Do your homework.  Krowledge builds power and more certainty and control over out-of-control-feeling situations.

2. Feel it out and take time.

Say you are doing it… and see how that feels.  Say you are not doing it. How does that feel? I typically do this about ten times before I decide on a big thing.  There’s no set number. I just won’t act until I feel certain.  Six times yesterday I backed out of the root canal in my mind and five times I committed to doing it.

I like to set my own timetable.  Are deadlines really that hard and fast? Sometimes… but when they aren’t, don’t rush. Rush can lead to lots of chaotic, detached decisions!

3. Surrender to positive energy.   I chant like crazy at my Buddhist temple, more than typical, maybe more than I ever imagined.   I also clean my house, do space clearing (buring all that sage and candles and sea salt and taking baths with quartz crystals and all of it!).

I stay away from fear voices, complaining, and other people’s interference.

Does this always lead to good decisions? I am sure that they don’t all look good on the surface, but I know in my core that they are the right ones for me and they tend to be right because they feel right.

I wouldn’t close the door on conventional things. Sometimes the typical route is the right one, the wise one.

No matter what you choose, choose in a way that makes you proud and truly solves the situation in some way. When you make decisions you can stand behind with confidence, you activate all that Tao connection that leads to better outcomes.   xoxo Dana



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  1. Alanna

    GET THE ROOT CANAL! All this nonsense that it is dangerous and that you shouldnt take antibiotics is crazy. First of all , I hope you take the antibiotics they prescribed you. You have an infection in your mouth, which is why it hurts and if you dont get the root taken out it will just continue and then spread to your brain and you could get meningitis or something similar. I got a root canal a month ago and it was uncomfortable while they did it but I am so glad that that pain went away and I never have to deal with that tooth bothering me again. Never mind a serious infection spreading in my body. Don’t be fooled. While mind and meditation play a big role in the BIG PICTURE, when it comes to the small picture like an individual situation or a tooth infection, it is best to get it fixed the scientifically proven way than any other.

  2. Alanna

    Also… its really not a big deal decision in the grand scheme of things. I suffer from terrible panic attacks and I did it, and didnt question that I needed it. It sucked that I needed it but my dentist is the coolest guy ever and got the most loving , caring, professional vibe from him. Virtually no pain once the novacaine wore away. I realized that the week preceding the root canal I had built up all this anxiety and it turns out it wasnt a big deal at all.


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