10 Ways To Create Shining Karma!

Feb 7, 2015 | Sensory Goodness


Today I’m headed to grab a friend in the canyon nearby and sit for a few hours of time & space bending Buddha time. I can tell you, I don’t technically have the time to do this, especially for hours a day, but when I do it with this kind of intensity… its like the universe cracks open and pours glitter on the world. It’s that good.

Karma is what I am interested in, maybe the only concept we can all stand behind. You think, speak or do something and you experience the effects of it at some point in the future.

Pretty simple at its core.

Wildly complex if you think about it.

How many times has your anger, indignance and even hatred felt justified?

But in the cosmology of karma, you can’t bring ill will, bad thoughts or anger to others without experiencing the effects of it down the line.

The only way I know to stay on the bright side of karma is to stay as extremely happy as possible. As light as I can. As open as I’m able…

Here are 10 ways to get more shiny-happy-loving in your space & life. Lighten up space with sea salt cleansing, lavender essential oil sprinkled in corners, burning beeswax candles… It makes a magnificent difference!

2. Write a list of the heavy stuff. If you want to be lighter, unload what is heavy and see it for what it is. Often it isn’t what you see it as when its weighing down your mind.

3. Invert! do headstands, handstands… flip yourself over more and see things physically from a new angle. Its a great one when you feel creatively stuck and apt to start beating yourself up or spinning in circles.

4. Stop group think. Groups are wonderful, and advice is spectacular when its grounded and wise. None of it replaces what you feel to be right.

Want a fast way to tank your life?Stop thinking for yourself.

Want to make better decisions? Feel them out.

5. Find your own peaceful place. We all need downtime, quiet time and a place to unravel when it gets chaotic. Whether its a lounge chair for naps or a local park or beach to lose yourself and find yourself at once, a place of peace is what we all need.

6. Don’t predict worst-case-scenarios. In her book Daring Greatly, Brene Brown breaks down the reasons why we should never try to “prepare for the worst” in lieu of being open and vulnerable. She explains the case of a man who used to always try to curtail disaster by becoming obsessed with preparing for the worst. His wife died in a car accident no one could have predicted. He later learned to appreciate every day and his regret was that he didn’t enjoy more of the time he had with her because he was so busy trying to do the “right thing” by preparing for disaster. Believe the planet is a largely good place and live it rather than predicting it.

7. Give more love. not just goodwill or smiles…both which are amazing. but LOVE. Give more LOVE. You know when you are giving love. It makes you feel wide open. Trust it. Love more freely.   At first it might be wobbly but its so worth it.

8. Listen to music with positive lyrics. Donna Eden explains in her book Energy Medicine the situation of a mysterious ailment a girl came down with that curtailed when she realized the girl had a loop of negative music lyrics stuck in her mind. I think if anything is going to be stuck in my head it better be something that feeds my life!

9. Be willing to experience everything. Back to #6… and then some. Don’t fear suffering, working hard, accepting a challenge or being heartbroken. Live it all. Nothing is bad in and of itself. Things only get stuck when you refuse to accept them.

10. Invest in your health. I would tell you that spending a few hundred dollars a month on acupuncture was a waste ten years ago. That is, until I got sick and that acupuncture revolutionized my life. And it also would have prevented my illness. So, if you can invest money wisely in preventative healthcare, never feel an ounce of guilt about it. Investment of time in your health is more valuable than money. From simple things like cleaning your house to exercise, stretching, walking… its all an investment worth making.

These are all great ways to keep things lighter, lovelier and more magical going forward.

On that note… I’m off to chant to transform my past karma, too! There can never be enough glitter raining down on the world.  xoxo Dana

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  1. Theodora

    Honestly, number 8 is SUCH a big deal, I am amazed that most people don’t get it on their own, but I have found that when you let them know they start noticing. Unfortunately it leaves out a lot of hugely talented musicians, but what can you do? 🙂

  2. Nicole

    Thank you! I love your blog, your vibes, your positive energy!

    • danaclaudat

      thank you so much for this lovely message!!! xoxo

  3. Mari

    So grateful for you wisdom and insight, you are a jewel and delight, speaking truth in LOVE, will definitely take these to heart : ) peace love and joy to you in abundance, thank you <3

  4. Judy

    More glitter!! I want more glitter:))

  5. Modeane

    thank you for helping me get ‘unstuck’. am working on it.

  6. Diane

    Hi Dana, you are gorgeous, and so is your writing and messages, thanks much for sharing.

  7. Diane

    Love ❤ and blessings too you beautiful lady.

  8. Ann clark



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