What Feng Shui Can & Can’t Do For You!

Feb 10, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

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I get a lot of calls and questions about feng shui.  Like a hundred a week when its busy.

Can you help me get my husband back?

Can you fix my bad luck?

Can you manifest a new job for me?

And on and on.

I love these questions. I am the biggest advocate of reaching out for help when you need it, so I answer each one, or try my best to do it, as soon as I can.

Some of these questions, though, raise a red flag as to the expectations people have from the process of changing your home in and of itself.

I thought today would be a good day to talk about what feng shui can’t do… as well as what it can.  This is all of my decade of experiments, clients and research distilled into two lists.  If you’ve been thinking of getting feng shui’d, I think this can demystify some of the benefits and powers of this awesome process!


Feng shui in my way can be used to:

Open up your creative power.  Creativity comes from a sense of connection to larger life and the ability to surrender to that connection.  When your home supports flow, your life flows.

Open your energy to more love and deeper connection to life and the people in it.  Its all that “connection” concept.  The more you can show up for life the less you can hide in fear.  Vulnerability allows us to connect and to love. You can’t love and fear at once.

Support habit changes.  Want to change a habit? Change the way energy flows through your space.  In fact, people have enormous success changing habits on vacation because the environment is free of triggers to persist with the habit.

Relax more profoundly. Deep relaxation restores your cells and your energetic sense of wellbeing.  Relaxation also helps you to be more receptive.  The more you can stay open to recieving the more things can flow in that you need,

Feel more joy.  It seems that when you are sitting in a space that mirrors what you love suddenly joy is much more evident everywhere!

Create safe space for intimacy. Intimacy involves risk.  Its a lot easier to risk when you know you have a place to land (an organized life, a clear and comfortable dwelling) than when you have chaos to support you.

Boost your wellness overall.  The more you raise and sparkle the energy around you the easier it will be for you to do things like exercise, eat well, surround yourself with vibrant life… and much more.  Wellness is a lifestyle, not a one-off endeavor.  Higher energy = more wellness.

Energize your intentions.  Yes, your home can help make your dreams come true if you are willing to participate.  

Focus your mind. Focus is easier than you think, without hyper-caffiene or intensity.

Prosper through an integrated sense of wellbeing.  It’s not about a money corner ora love corner… its your whole life working together in harmony.

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Feng shui can not be used to: 

Manipulate other people. Even if you think its for someone’s “best interests.” I have had to turn away many people wanting to use feng shui in a way to try to manipulate people or control them.  No good.  In fact if you have an impulse to do that, please seek help.  No good comes of that.

Magically fix trauma overnight.  I wish shimmery gold wallpaper could wipe out years of trauma, but its not real. You re-wire your brain and habits and traumas can unravel over time with your willingness and effort.  Anyone who tells you you can instanty do this by changing your space is not functioning in reality.

Bring you life benefits without your participation.  The magic instant money luck cures are a recipie for disaster.  First off, I have had magic instant luck money pour down on me and depending on the source it can be deeply detrimental to your life.  Secondly, anything that promises you will get without giving is not setting you up for any kind of long term life change, just a band aid on big problems.

And… it can not erase your own karmic past.  Meaning, if you’ve been cheating on your boyfriend it can’t fix what you have done- it can only help support your changes moving forward. So, if you have a lifelong habit of anger issues and hurting people with your anger, you can create a space that supports calmness and allows you to unravel in a positive way, but you will need to do the life-work of making good with people and undoing the damage of your action in the past.

PLUS: feng shui can not predict the future. Just because you have a house that’s less than perfect that doesn’t doom you to bad events… etc, etc, etc. I have seen less-than-perfect bedrooms bring in brilliant relationships.  A great environment supports you and makes it easier… it isn’t the whole deal. But a big part of the deal.

So, are you ready to get feng shui’d?!

xoxo Dana



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