Ideas To Help You Detox From Negativity!

Feb 12, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Big Ideas To Help You Detox From Negativity!

(Kim Keever…one of my favorite artists!)

Uncork a bottle of fizzy water that has been stuck shut and shaken up and what do you get?

An explosion. Yes.

That’s sort of similar to the reaction you may have when you pull lots of negative stuff out of your life.

An explosion.

But it’s a good explosion. All that bottled up energy has to go somewhere before the calm can commence!

That explosion means you are onto something big.

Today is all about detoxing from negativity… its a thrill ride at times, but one that promises great freedom when its over!!! 

I’ve said before that when you declutter your home it often gets worse before it gets better.

But when you detox physically or energetically, it seems that it gets way worse… and it’s often left me wondering if it gets better. In fact, I have experienced times in pulling toxic people and environments out of my life where I’ve been left wondering…” Did I do the right thing?”

I recently saw a major famous healer. I can’t tell you who or how this worked, but I can tell you that rooting out negative energy that gets stuck in your body is not always an exercise in bliss.

I walked out smiling and beaming, and within hours I was sweating in a panic.

Who would I be without this stuff? 

Was I broken? 

Could I function without the typical drive that comes from reacting against an enemy or an enemy thought? 

Then the panic just got physical. I was stretching, gasping for air, feeling lightheaded… wondering if I did irreparable damage to myself. Then worrying…

My own toxic patterns came up to haunt me for 24 hours in a wave of unreal fury.

I wanted this. I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to put an end to my own needless traumas. I wanted to re-write my story. I am a master of control and my own control had gone too far and was holding me back.


Do you want to make a big change and weed out the negative? 

If so, you have to be willing to rip off the proverbial band aid.

It’s never pleasant at first, but when you air out the wound it can heal itself.

As the series of panics and panic thoughts blew through my mind over the course of a day I started to breathe. Much more. More than usual.

Something happened the next day.

I was feeling… new.

The newness hasn’t gone away and I don’t expect it to ever go away. I spent about 10 years preparing for the day when the band aid would be ripped off, so it wasn’t instant… but it was sudden and shocking and absolutely amazing.

While I don’t advocate radical transformation in intensive ways, this experience was something I hadn’t planned on. I thought it would be like a trip to acupuncture. I had no idea. But I was very open to the experience. I was open to letting things go.

Every day holds the promise of events that can shift you in ways that you’ve dreamed of. You may be trying to control the process like I was… doing “just so much” then stopping.

Trying to control how much chaos you feel. Trying to avoid pain and seek pleasure… exclusively pleasure. We all do it.

Very few people would willingly enlist themselves in even a tiny bit of pain.

Control is something we learn to survive. But when it comes to freeing yourself from your own personal hurts and fears, you don’t have the luxury of holding onto control at the same time.

Instead… trust.

Being uncomfortable is a good thing most of the time in the service of your dreams.

Let yourself do it.

Quit the crutches that hold you back.   Crutches like: complaining, waiting for the perfect time, staying silent when you know you should speak, envisioning worst case scenarios in order to stay stuck…

You know what it is by now that you are very justified in holding onto because it makes you feel safe.

But is that safety costing you joy, love and the ability to give and help and live in a way way way bigger way?

I bet it might be.

And I bet you can unload it.

If you are struggling with negative stuff that is relentless, you can try lots of things to free yourself.

  • Stepping back from the poison places.
  • Take a sabbatical if you can.
  • Find a sanctuary to remove yourself from the negative.
  • Block phone numbers if you have to.
  • Start decluttering your home and your life.
  • Find holistic methods of unwinding the stuck emotions.
  • Build trust in yourself by taking steps progressively away from the negative storm and seeing how great they feel even if they are terrifying.
  • Let things explode if they need to explode. Breathe through things. Find your way back to peace.

Don’t prolong misery. You deserve a really brilliant life right now.

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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