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Feb 16, 2015 | Home Style

stylish bookshelves

From simple stacks on a coffee table to walls of information at your fingertips, you really can’t have enough books, ever.  Every month or two I feel like I’ve missed out on learning and hot or the local bookstore with a vengeance, walking out with ten, fifteen, twenty books at a time.  Now, I need to expand my own bookshelving to hold everything… And its only beginning…

Books don’t just bring interest to a space- they bring energy, messages, stories and tools to your life.  Build more bookshelves.  Let this energy wildly expand!

I can’t even take a bath these days without a book.  Its like a feedback loop: I detox in salt, crystals, bubbles, oils…  and replace the toxins with words and images at the same time!



Simple but lofty bookshelves are the best to store and style!



What about gorgeous patterns on your walls?

stylish bookshelves


Walls of rhythm make for a striking room…!

stylish bookshelves


Without all these hand-picked books this room would be… generic.


(sf girl by bay)

I would prefer this be a mounted case rather than free-floating shelves, but how brilliantly does this “fill” volmes of space with energy so perfectly?



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