Do You Have A Big Vision For Yourself?!

Feb 16, 2015 | Prosperity

How big is your vision of your life?

I got really incredibly stuck many years ago.  I thought I had everything figured out, finally.  I had committed to modest ambitions, finally, goals that were “doable” and “realistic.”  I had spent an enormous amount of time dialing back my own love of the fantastical into something smaller, safer and what I thought was far more “normal.”

Nothing happened.


Talk about a crushing blow to find that my “scaled back to miniature” life plan couldn’t yield a single result.

I said I was “balanced”… but I was bored.

And for all my normal, balanced, modest desires, I was languishing. Sinking.

If its true that you are either growing or deteriorating, I was evaporating… fast.

Only in retrospect could I really understand what I did to myself during that time.  And now I understand why nothing worked out.

Big vision is life-changing!

Nothing is normal.

First off: There is no normal. Nothing is normal.  No one is “normal.”  There’s no picture of what a “normal” brain looks like.  There’s nothing that holds as the standard of normalcy.

If you have outrageous thoughts and visions of doing big things, commit them to paper.  Let them move you.

Do you know what comes next? 

Here’s a life-earned fact that seems to hold true for all my clients and for my friends and for me: If something isn’t getting finished, maybe you aren’t so sue about the vision of what comes next.  If the next steps are blurry, scary or otherwise unapproachable why should you get through the steps you have now?

Small vision can help you say very stuck.

Let yourself see more of what you want to come next.

Are you scared of what comes next? 

If you aren’t psyched about the next steps, this is where you can get help… clarifying the future.

  • If love is terrifying to you, I bet you’ll bail or stall on even the best relationships and the most magical experiences because the next steps you see are too nebulous or unapproachable.
  • If you have no idea how to build a website but you have to do it once you finish researching a new project, that research may carry on for a loooooong time.

Big vision is so important.

Everyone from New Age gurus to MBA’s at incredible cutting-edge schools will tell you that having a plan is far more effective than having no plan.

Think about it: would you ever invest in a business with no plan?  Of course you wouldn’t! You want to know the future of your investment.

But… it’s sort of easy to let life kind of flounder in some ways without any vision.  I’ve done it for years.  And, while sometimes synergistically cool things happen, without a sense of what I wanted it was easy to let go of things that were actually amazing in retrospect!

Can you give yourself the time to create a broad, expansive, exciting vision?   Try sitting down and write out a vision of a year… and another… and maybe 10 years from now .  It might change. It might get totally flipped.  You can always create a new one.  Make sure it excites you.  Make sure it’s your plan, and not anyone else’s plan for you.  Having it will help you to get un-stuck and feel more magic in your days…

I know its so basic, but the simple things are usually the best.

Take it a step further and see where you are stuck.  Do you know what comes after you complete your present to-do list?  If you can see what you want next… and feel good about it… it will be effortless to breeze through whatever is lingering around, un-done.

Dream super-big.  It’s not crazy or unrealistic… it’s thrilling!

And if you want to design those dreams into your space… you are in luck!

The Catalyst Camp is coming soon and the FREE 3-Video series to kick things off is beyond thrilling… packed with shining and new and simple ways to clear space and create a foundation for the most unlimited visions ever!!! You can start HERE!

Get started on your own de-cluttered, feng shui’d home and life now… and watch the magic happen!!!

xoxo Dana


  1. heather

    Question – doesn’t this conflict (or conflict somewhat) with the Feb. 14 entry, “One secret to making the life change you want”? In that this one advocates ‘the plan’ (having one, having one to guide next steps) and the other entry seems to say ‘no plan’… Unless the plan is the trip, which entails the surrender? Not sure if I stated this clearly, maybe have to think on it some more…

    But I am on a ‘ride’, not necessarily wanting to be here, but I am, and I think it is part of the change(s) I need (and have wanted, I guess they led me here)… and yes, I probably _am_ hanging on, and not in a good place – that I need to change – and. well. oh. my. anyhow. I feel like I need some sort of plan (but not always sure ‘what”). I think I am at a juncture of the last 3 posts I read… Be willing to go on the ride, big vision, plan And surrender. ??? Something like that.

    • danaclaudat

      I’ve noticed you have to be up for everything, ultimately have big vision for what you want to do (or, lets face it, its easy to do nothing), at least plan out where you are going to focus (which it seems like you are looking for( and then yes… don;t get too hung up on having it all fit your exact vision.

      Too many people suffer from “what life should be like” syndrome. It should be how it is… right now… and moving forward it will be like you create it to be. Thats the “surrender”. After all, the coolest things that happen tend to sort of arrive out of the blue while you are busy creating things.

      Re; having a plan: I’ve seen people get stuck because they “need a plan” before they start trying things, experimenting, experientially creating stuff. if you aren’t sure exactly what you want to do with your life, thats a big catch 22. You can’t really have a plan for how you are going to use a new job in a new field to get to a bigger place in your life until you explore it, try it, get into it…

      So, thats what I mean. And that’s my observation with tons of clients, friends and in my own life.


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