Loving All The Chakra Stones!

Feb 17, 2015 | Sensory Goodness



I have a surprising number of friends who are secretly into crystals.  They lay around with them.  They have them tucked in purses.

Some have them splashed out… but it’s usually a quiet, private love.

Unlike me!

My house is starting to explode with gemstones.  By the year’s end I imagine it will be something to behold.

Bottom line: crystals feel great.

And…if you have absolutely no idea what chakras are, this will get you started.

Essentially, in simple language, the energy centers of your body correlate to different energies in your life.

Crystals are thought to balance these energy centers.

This makes pragmatic sense to me.  After all, we’re electric and most of these crystals conduct electricity.

I put them in baths.  I put clear quartz in drinking water.  I sware it is a shift in energy.

It’s buzzing, bright, clear, invigorating…

So, why not explore how the gems of nature make you feel?!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Vito Goldfarb

    Hi Dana thank you for posting your chakra stimulation chart. I’m very new to all of this but find it very fascinating! On the Red and Black stones would Black Tourmaline be ok? Or should only the crystals you posted be used? I’m also facinated,by Feng shui I think i understand how it works because of the chaos I feel in my home and the way it’s laid out! I believe I will order your book feng shui 101 I’m sure it the answer! This previously unknown to me world of metaphysics has really got me! So much to learn thankfully people like yourself are willing to share knowledge thanks again……Vito


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