Feng Shui For The Year Of The Wood Sheep!

Feb 19, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

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(love this wood sheep from Etsy)

I am always interested in the energies of a year, and in the case of Chinese New Year, the year commonly called the Wood Sheep, these energies totally fit my love of the laid back and beautiful.  In fact, this year is destined to be more gorgeous than ever… and very much about recieving greatness if you are open to receiving!

More on that to come in the next few days…

But for now, I wantedto share the wisdom of my personal feng shui mentor & teacher- Dr. Gabriele Van Zon- regarding feng shui energies for the Chinese New Year along with a ton of tips to help you to make the most of this Lunar Year!

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Watch Out For The Angry Ram And The Cunning Goat In The Year Of The Peaceful Sheep by Gabriele Van Zon, Feng Shui Universal 

My antennas went up when I realized that the docile sheep is also known as ram or goat in the Chinese line-up of zodiac animals. Perhaps it explains what astrologers predict as a year of hidden dangers and sudden pitfalls. 2015 therefore is a year of multi-layered aspects, and a new set of dynamics will influence world affairs.

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In setting our priorities for 2015, we should emphasize and protect the security of our personal space where we find refuge and shelter from sudden peril. At home the sheep is happy within the flock where she can prosper and create domestic bliss. Sheep characteristics are germane to the earth element that supports all domestic endeavors. The wood sheep of 2015, always community minded, is motivated to move forward and inspire humanitarian causes. The sheep likes to resolve conflict and create a safe environment where the arts and social activities can prosper.

Within the community, the sheep feels connected and well protected from sudden anger in a confrontation with the ram or the capricious exhortations of a goat. The sheep is the most peace-loving and steadfast animal of all and is known to be pliable and willing to please. Diplomatic, with good manners, the sheep moves about with easy charm.

A quite different set of characteristics seems to motivate the ram. He roams in elevated lands, he is evasive and not easily captured and subdued. He observes from a high perch, carefully contemplating his next move. The goat, in contrast, skips around, looking for easy sustenance, thus grazing wherever she can find it.

Caution is indicated as we enter the year of the wood sheep on February 19th, and feng shui will support the infrastructure for feeling safe while nurturing relationships and promoting peace. For added protection, dust off your lucky charms! A recent scientific study shows that superstitions can improve your memory, dexterity, and athletic performance. It gives us the illusion of control, resulting in a calming effect.

Feng shui tips we learned from the sheep:

Focus on home improvements and repair all leaks and gaps.
Strengthen the home environment.
Create anchors with solid furnishings as corner posts.
Use images and artwork indicating solid foundations.
Transpose Chinese protective devices into western symbols of protection.
Fu dogs are guardians flanking and protecting entryways.
Instead, use heavy planters or sculptural objects to simulate sentinels or guardians with the same objective.
Check security systems and run tests.
Replace batteries in smoke detectors and control valves.
Install timers on strategic lighting or install motion detectors.
Welcome visitors and entertain at home providing comfort and cozy nooks.
Expand gathering spaces to accommodate the herd of the sheep.
Let your own superstitions prevail with personal amulets and talismans.
For added protection, a small crystal can be a steady companion.
Honor the wooly sheep and start knitting scarves.
Build up your mindful armor and avoid confrontations.
Be on the alert and flee gossip to escape back stabbings.
Respond to anger with peaceful gestures.
Stretch time between affront and reaction.
Create time and space for peaceful relaxation.



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