Eclectic Decor Mixology!

Feb 23, 2015 | Home Style

fun eclectic home

(elle décor)

Sometimes you’ll see a room that has collected junk: hand-me-downs, unloved trinkets, lots of stuff that may even be beautiful, and it looks like a mess.  Great decor mixcology, though, is rooted in lovingly assembling things that are precious in ways that spark genius!

Here’s some favorite eclectic decor mixes to inspire your own editing, curating and revamping of space to highlight- rather than drown- your personality!

fun eclectic home

This is edited but outrageous, punctuated by neon, feeling bight yet dark, very splashy and moody yet fun.

fun eclectic home


I’d make this a bit more spacious, and pull down the mirrors, but you get the wild effect?!

fun eclectic home


Hanging herbs, portraits, hangiing up fun things…

fun eclectic home

(the every girl)

Nothing is ever quite as good as a wall of art…!

fun eclectic home

And you don’t have to be enraptured with rich color.  White, pastel… its all the styling, shapes and sizes here than make personality echo off the walls and  sofa!

Instead of thinking you need a makeover for your home, maybe think re-style.  If you can add and subtract to more lovingly have your personality shine through, this can be the greatest Before & After effect ever, and you can achieve it… right now!

xoxo Dana


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  1. Alexa~FurnishMyWay

    I love eclectic home decor! It’s one of my favorite styles of home decor because in my opinion, it takes the best of other styles and mixes them all together! How fun is that!

  2. maggie

    I love this idea – I’ve got so many mis-matched things that maybe just need to be rearranged! Great post.


  3. Alice

    I love this all so much! <3


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