8 Ideas To Help You Start A New Chapter!

Feb 24, 2015 | Creativity

Are you ready for a new chapter?

If the same-old is not really inspiring, and the days are feeling wasted on wondering and wishing, its probably time to take action!

If you aren’t sure quite what to do to start a new chapter, the best thing to do is to get ready!!!  After all, preparation makes life so much easier.

Not sure how to prepare for actions you aren’t sure of?

You can. Even if you aren’t sure what you are preparing for… you can.

It all starts with putting an end to the old and getting ready to receive more of the new… and “the new” includes new ideas.  Perhaps those ideas will lead you to your new chapter if you aren’t quite clear what it is quite yet!?!

It’s often the case!

As I have a new chapter starting now in many ways and I’m deeply immersed in all 8 of these things, I’m thrilled to share these ideas because they are so magnificently inspiring if you try them.

Ready for a new chapter?

1. Get some energy work done!  Acupuncture, cupping, EFT, Polarity Therapy, Chakra Clearing… Yes, any or all of it.  If you want to make a fresh start commit to clearing out the stuck energy that’s imperceptible perhaps to the eye but yet you feel it drag on you during the day.

I went to a healer recently that defies description, but I can tell you… it worked!

2. Keep a journal of free writing.  As in, don’t just keep a journal of beautifully crafted poems and literary thoughts, try keeping a journal where you free-write answers to questions by hand in cursive.  You’ll be amazed at the truths that pop out at you on the page when you write and don’t censor yourself.

3. Trust your intuition more.  If you want a fresh start that is truly fresh, dare to not ask for too much advice unless you have technical questions on what you need to do.  Instead, trust what feels right.  No expert knows better than you do what will make any part of your life extraordinary.

4. Clear clutter.  Enough said.

5. Clean house.  Like clean for real.  Clean deeply.  Scrub.  Soak things.  Polish things.  The rewards are endless!

6.  Clean house of negativity.  I just listened to an awesome disco song that reminds me of my mom who ironically was plagued by vampire people energy, and its also a reminder to keep the negative vibrations away!

7. Update your wardrobe.  And an update could simply mean: get rid of what you don’t like and don’t wear. Or it can mean a shopping spree to find your new style.  I do a bit of both these days as needed!

8. Load up on personal inspiration.  Do a big Amazon book binge- or do it at your local library! Pull out volumes of things that interest you – even biographies (my favorites)- and dive in.  I get immense inspiration from art, so I have the local galleries on my list for tomorrow.  There’s never too much inspiration! Netflix, cable and movie theaters everywhere may be your thing.  Nature might inspire you. Your personal inspiration quest is something that should- in my opinion- never ever end.

If you flow through the list and pluck what feels right, I bet you’ll be soaring.  Suddenly you may see opportunity where there was none.  You may see hope where things felt without promise.

Your next chapter may be bigger, bolder and brighter than even you can imagine right now.

xoxo Dana

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