Gorgeous Decor Details To Make Any Space More Special!

Feb 26, 2015 | Home Style

design details


While this is a show-stopping showplace of a room… I must say, you can create the same effects of awe and gorgeous at home right now! All it takes are a few bits of inspiration put into action to take your home from where it is all the way to wow-factor.  Here are some excellent examples of ideas you can borrow and customize to take a room from where it is now… to all it can be!

In the above, for example, the plates hung in strong verticals beside the windows make the room more powerfully uplifted and amazing to behold!

tile details


Just a small bit of exceptional tile takes an average bathroom to enormous heights.  Its not that big of a move to do some time… but the results are resonant.

design details


Fabulous mirror to expand an alcove?

design details home


A wall of vinyl records are a musical dream… but more poignant still- art that is sizzling with fire like this picture of neon.  Wow, wow, wow!!!

Let details inspire your own personalized, feng shui’d home that lights up your dreams!

xoxo Dana



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