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Feb 26, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

change your life I used to delight in “testing” psychics and tarot readers.  Go in sitting quietly, saying nothing, expressing as poker-faced a reaction to the news being told to me so that I wouldn’t “lead on” the oracle.  Have you ever done this? I used this method to determine that some people just “know things” and – for whatever reason-  just a rare one person I met in many years of my past chasing predictions seemed to actually know the unknowable.   I no longer chase predictions- it’s pretty exhausting and disempowering- but I do know that there are people who can articulate things that are unseen to my eyes. Its as though their cards are a mirror into life that is unseen.

I like to look at the seen.  The tangible. The artful.

People often think I am a psychic of some sort.  I can usually see a home, take a walk through, and explain lots of themes and issues that affect the people in the space… without hearing a word from the people who live there.

It’s not because I’m a gifted intuitive.  I just know that very deeply and clearly we are all mirrored by our space, and each home tells a story.

You can either live with the reflection as it is, or you can polish the reflection so that your best self can emerge.  Chances are, if you are here reading this, you are looking for something more shiny and new to see in that mirror.

Today let’s look at the mirror effect of space and how to polish that mirror of life otherwise known as your home!


I don’t care how big or small your space is, this mirror effect is profound.

When I first had my life meltdown a decade ago, I had moved into a very desired Hollywood bungalow studio in the hills.  It was charming, with a pedigree history of starlets of the past and present having lived all over the property, a famous album by a Beatle was penned on the property… and I thought you just can’t get better than this cobblestone magic.

What I didn’t see when I moved in was what became the story of my life there: The doors didn’t close well.  The house was so vulnerable to intrusion with huge windows on the bottom floor that swung open without even screens.  The loft where my bed was had strong beams crossing it quite low so that if I woke the wrong way I would potentially injure myself. (and did!) I didn’t understand the implications of clutter, and my ignorance led me to sort of hide things away in an office area under the loft of my bed so that, yes, I got to sleep on top of all of my unconfronted problems.

Within weeks of being there an unwanted person moved in who, for lack of a better word, had no boundaries.  Then another troup of them beside me.

My headaches and unexplained body aches escalated.  I was always suppressing anxiety and obsessed about the six different types of work I was doing that fragmented my life.

It didn’t take long before I started to get sick and then sicker… And once I hit the hospital for what would be two weeks in and out I started to fear going back to that house.

But I had to stay there for a few months in order to get well enough to move.

space clearing

Yes, that’s when I found feng shui.  Its also when I understood for myself that my own autoimmune reaction – and mess of a life before that happened- was clearly demonstrated all around me.  No boundaries, vulnerable to intrusion, giving up power, sleeping under limitations, feeling fragmented like my space was with those beams, consumed my the anxiety of the stuff that I stored beneath me as I slept.

There’s an ancient Japanese concept called Esho Funi : the oneness of self and environment.  It’s as simple as it sounds.  We are one with our environment. Walk into a chaotic space and you’ll feel it immediately. Go to a peaceful space and you’ll feel that, too.


The Bagua map of feng shui- that grid that divides space into areas that relate to various areas of life- takes that Esho Funi concept and gives it language that makes it more specific.  With the Bagua map I could see that my own money area was empty and vulnerable, the area of Health was riddled with beams over my head and the many places like creativity where I was struggling to stay afloat in life were a nightmare of clutter.

You can imagine what happened when I moved my bed off of the high loft, confronted clutter, filled my money area, protected my windows with curtains and better locks, and made both etraceways both safe and magnetically beautiful?

I got well, I made tons of money in record speed and I found, accidentally,  a new career!

My space helped reflect my intention clearly.

The mirror changed.

Now, science has invested in the power of environment.  More creative learning environments are being studied and tested, healing art and gardens in hospitals are a real thing, art therapy is emerging bigger and brighter… Real studies are being done on aromatherapy, color power in marketing, learning and health care…

The once-marginalized idea that space could change life is now leading the charge in innovation.

And you can do that for yourself.  You can change that mirror of life today.

Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui is here!!!, and you can start today!

Get started on your own de-cluttered, feng shui’d home and life now… and watch the magic happen!!! xoxo Dana


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