What If You Didn’t Get What You Want Because Something Better Is Coming?

Feb 27, 2015 | Prosperity

rejection is protection

What if you didn’t get what you wanted because something much better for you is meant for you?

And what if… because you reacted so poorly to not getting what you wanted that you decided to quit on yourself and your mission before you got to the greatness?

Today’s feng shui is all about getting what you want.  Even if it doesn’t go exactly the way you planned…!

secret garden


Last night I ran face-to face into a woman from my past who knew me during a time (about 13 years ago) when I gave all my power away to anyone who could possibly to show me the way to what I wanted.

I first met her after a string of upsets, disappiontments so great that I didn’t quite know how to deal with them.

About 6 years worth of 2 relationships had failed to be “the thing.” I was single for the first time in my adult life it seemed and I didn’t know who I was.

A few very big artistic opportunities – even an early-form of reality show on a big network about my crazy artistic life- popped up and vanished.  A million dollar production deal for a screenplay… in then out.

It was like my life was a sieve and the more I focused in on the upsets the more broken I felt and the more I was losing faith in me completely.

In reaction to this, I decided I was certainly  broken because there were too many “almost made it” moments that slipped through my fingers… and I sought people to “fix me.”

I was expecting more disappointment.  Nothing was as it should be.  So I got more disappointment.

It wasn’t until I fully melted down in serious illness, finanial insanity and a life turned upside down that I found life again.  I don’t suggest this path that I could have avoided by staying true to myself instead of hoping for a miracle or another person to save me, but I don’t regret it all now, not one bit.

This woman from my past that I saw last night looked at me with a wry smile of almost-confusion on her face and asked me what I was doing.  We smiled. Hugged.  Last I saw her I was unsure about every single thing to do with my existence.  Surreal music played in my mind as I told her about my life now, how grateful I am to have a chance to help people, how incredible it is to do what I do every day…

Everything came full circle.

I forgot where I came from in the most viceral sense.  And remembering it as I saw her- not just the story but the feelings- and the brutal series of rejections, and how it brought me to here… All I can think about today is that maybe you might have to go through some hard times to get to where you want to be… but maybe your attitude about these big blows that knock the wind out of you is the game-changer?

Maybe you can’t avoid loss, but it may lead to far more gain?

Maybe nothing will ever go “how we think” it will, and maybe that’s far more mystical and exciting?

I think so.

On all counts.

I believe in the idea that “rejection is protection.”

In feng shui, when you start making changes to your home, things start to bubble to the surface.  You see every crack in the walls that once seemed just fine.  You notice all the junk where you used to just avoid the junk closet.

It’s because you are raising your awareness.

It’s empowerment.

It’s a good thing.

You also might start to see lots of opportunity pouring in…. but it may not be the kind you expected. At the same time you might watch things vanish. Stay open to all things and see what feels right.

When I started practicing Buddhism I noticed a flock of old friends fly out of my life.  I was devastated and tempted to move away from my Buddhist practice even though it felt so right and brought me so much light.  I learned in weeks to follow that these people talked about me when I wasn’t there, judged me harshly and actually doubted as a group conclusion that I’d amount to anything.

Glad I got out of there!

Maybe rejection is protection?

Maybe change requires a little courage and a lot of moving forward anyway?

I hope you dare to follow your dreams, even if they break your heart a little- or a lot-  from time to time. As you rise yourself up, everything may start to look different.  Keep rising up anyway.

In the end, there really is something better waiting for you if you believe it…

And to support those big dreams, design them into your home!


xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


  1. Pat

    “Rejection is protection” is what my mom used to tell me all the time 🙂 And, over the years I have found that there is much wisdom in that.

  2. Susan

    Perfect for me today. Blessings to you, Miss Dana.


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