If You Want A Bigger Life You Need Bigger Energy!

Feb 28, 2015 | Prosperity


The more you do, the more energy you need.

You knew that, of course.

Basic, simple.

But it’s so elusive sometimes to have that energy.  Especially when your life is calling you to invest energy into things you didn’t plan on… and errands you didn’t think about… upsets you couldn’t have predicted… Exciting stuff you want to do atop all you have to do… All things need that energy.

I guess the good news is that you likely have a lot of energy that’s un-tapped and waiting for you to find it.

Really. There’s a good chance you do.

I did.  And I bet you do, too!

This past month I’ve found a whole ocean of energy I never knew I had.  And how I found it may inspire you to find your own…. and there’s no coffee (not even Bulletproof coffee!) involved! 

Check out the glimmering watery jewel of a crystal above.  Do you see how it is giving birth to more rare, iridescent crystals? Energy births more energy.

In Nature that is easy to see.  Wind, moving water, fire all somewhat naturally catalyze change.

We are made up of trillions of cells.  Imagine if just some of those cells got more excited… how they could give birth naturally to more of the chemical reactions of energy we need?

Let me back up for a second.  I mentioned a few weeks ago I saw a famous healer.  One of the biggest- truest- things he told me was that I have been creating my world with my mind and leaving all the energy of my body out of the picture.  That- he explained- is why I have been getting what is aptly termed “burned out” even though I am such a lover of “taking care of myself.”

He did somethng incredible by literally “opening up” my body energy.  It started with lots of deep breath and stretching in ways I can barely describe but they were impossibly powerful.


First step to more full-of-life energy: deep breathing and stretching.  

There are many reasons why yoga is so universally popular these days.  It is a great pratice- however you do it- of learning to use your breath more to move you though the day.   It’s not about “thinking smarter” or “coming up with” the new ways to do things to get ahead in life… its about opening up to the energy of the day.

Use this idea to your advantage.

* Stretch however you can.  For some its big yoga stuff, for others its touching your toes and moving around shaking out stuck parts of your body.  As Tara Stiles says, “Move how it feels great to move.”

* Breathe more.  Real breathing.  Have you been breathing fairly shallow?   Now, breathe deeper.  Don’t worry about a right or wrong way to do it… just do it. Put your hands on your stomach and breathe into your hands to know that you are breathing deeply.  That alone will do lots of energy-shifting!


Next: Fill in some missing food links. 

It was amazing to learn last year that I was exhausted from an Iron deficiency and a lack of Vitamin D.  No matter how much I slept I felt I could sleep much more.  If you’ve been there you know how maddening it can be to constantly feel “out of it” and not know why.

For some people its B12 that is missing.  Some need more protien.  Enzymes.  I had a friend who revolutionized life by eating more greens and other by eating less greens and more fruit.  We are all specialized machines.  In my experience its well-worth a trip to the doctor to see if you are all-sorted nutritionally if you are more tired or falling prey to colds more often than usual these days.

If you need a little boost from a better diet, try eating a ranbow’s worth of  naturally (haha, not dyed!) colored foods to span a spectrum of nutrients as a fun and gorgeous switch to your daily routine.  Purple cabbage, pink radishes, even purple carrots… all waiting for you.

And: Use your environment to bring you energy!!! 

I can’t possibly say enough about the ways you can use your environment to bring you energy.

* There’s the power of aromatherapy.  Right now, I have a blend of peppermint oil and ginger wafting around me and my whole body is buzzing with energy.   Burning a wand of sage can be the thing that inspires chage in your day, filling the air with the woodsy scent of renewal while flooding your space with mood-boosting negative ions.  You can learn many ways to take advantage of the power of scent in your life right HERE!

color wheel

* There’s the power of color.  If you peruse the Sensory Goodness part of this blog you’ll find color psychology inspiration for days, feng shui color uses, and soooo much more!

* Then… there’s the power of feng shui!

Try this: Clean your house completely.

Feel the fresh energy and clear-minded thoughts you have and you’ll get a basic dose of the power of feng shui.

It’s big.

And that’s just the start.

The more you can use the tools of feng shui to make a space change, the more energy you will have to live your dreams.

It’s shockingly simple, despite how mystical it may seem.

Invest in more breath, stretch yourself, feed your life more of what you need… and harness the power of your environment.

There’s a whole world of expansive energy waiting for you!

Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui is here!!!, and you can start today:

Get started on your own de-cluttered, feng shui’d home and life now… right HERE… and watch the magic happen!!!

xoxo Dana


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