Crystallized Books By Alexis Arnold!

Mar 2, 2015 | Life With Art

crystal books

When you take two of my favorite things and melt them into one with a strong sense of vision and purpose, I am addicted.  In this case, books & crystals melt into art that is so powerfully enchanting, I just can’t get enough!  Alexis Arnold,  I am so in love…

catcher in the rye

The Catcher In The Rye… frozen in all its beauty.

alexis arnold

Close up magic.

alexis arnold


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

alexis arnold

The growing crystals are so lush like diamonds.

alexis arnold


And my personal favorite… the Dictionary Of Superstitions!

You can see so much more of Alexis Arnold’s work right HERE.

Do you want to try this as much as I do?! Or, at the very least, don’t you want to touch them? Or go get some candy right now?! xoxo Dana

Now… you can turn your world to art, too! Filled with meaning, purpose, gorgeousness and dreams come true!

Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui is here!!!, and you can start today!

Get started on your own de-cluttered, feng shui’d home and life now… and watch the magic happen!!! xoxo Dana


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