Why You Should Build Your Dreams Now!

Mar 2, 2015 | Prosperity

build your dreams

You may have to work on building other people’s dreams for years and years before you get out on your own… or until you get to a place where you’re leading rather than following…

But, you have to start now.

Even if you are demoralized, feel like you can’t…

Now couldn’t be a better time to start!

bob smiling

With this big of a smile on my face most of the time, I’ve helped build the dreams of some of the most impressive people I can fathom.  I supported their needs large and small, set meetings, bent space and time and did whatever it took to make the dreams of these people come true.

That’s what a corporate executive assistant or C-Level personal assistant does: making the behind-the-scenes magic happen.

Before I started to build my own dreams, these jobs were often thankless task in terms of my own growth, no matter how lovely my boss could be and how much I enjoyed it. At the end of the day, a big deal would happen and I would still be me, on the sidelines, bending space and time to get my salary and just sort of… stagnate.

Trust me- I was grateful for everyone I ever worked for and still am.

But, my soul wasn’t happy.

Are you there right now?

Once I started to build my own dreams- starting with a little Tumblr blog that became a big Tumblr blog-  each super-successful person I worked for transformed from a boss to a teacher in many ways.

Suddenly, instead of watching a clock, I was using my days to get somewhere as a person, to become a better person and learn skills I would one day need.

I wasn’t stuck any more!

Every time I can whip up a spreadheet in a few minutes or pull together a trip for myself in lightning speed I remember that I am really, really able and trained in the ways of administration.  I can endure intense amounts of mind-numbing number crunching and organizing.  I know how to make things go right, even in impossible circumstances, where others might quickly give up.

Maybe all those years as an assistant weren’t “wasted”?!

you can't become what you criticized

They were vital.

Use your life now as a full-scale school to help you build what you want.

It’s all helpful.

If you think you don’t need to know how to do the less-glamorous things (!) you may have to do right now in order to be a leader, I can send you to a friend of mine who started his intensely successful career as a chef by washing dishes for years with a passion.  Or my friends who are famous producers who worked for years as a thankless assistants in greuling conditions.

Don’t use a day job as an excuse.  Trust me, that type of excuse smushes your world and turns things to clouds of doom.

Use your day job to inspire your dreams.

Don’t envy people above you or crticize them… it’s a trap.  You can’t become what you criticize!

Instead… learn from them. Learn from all of it.

Truth: I learned the most about art from the most terrifingly eccentric man I have ever worked for.

Flip the script, write the story in a way where you have a plan (you will, you do, and if you don’t… you can!) and start building, no matter how slowly or quickly, what you envision.

Momentum builds faster than you’d ever imagine.  Just don’t stop!

And if you want to accelerate your dream-building, design your environment to support your dreams!

xoxo Dana



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  1. maggie

    I am all about creative inertia – I feel like the more you are actively working towards your dreams, the faster they tend to manifest. Crazy, isn’t it? 🙂



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