Is Someone Dragging You Down?

Mar 3, 2015 | Prosperity

water going down drain

Here’s a subject I am most passionate about : energy.


It’s all of life.

It’s the forces that rule the world.

It’s the mystical stuff we can’t explain that makes trees grow and bodies fill with life, it creates miracles and stirs emotions.

I don’t know exactly where this enormous energy source that animates everything actually began, but I feel it everywhere, I see it when I am really in tune with the day and, of course, I help people to design more of it around themselves every day.

You can eat for more energy (live food, food cooked with love and artistry, eating with intuition) and you can tap into more energy with lots of sunshine, great decisions, and if you are so inclined, prayer or meditation.

But, the greatest forces of energy that seems to rock worlds- mine included- are the forces that link us to people.

In the most subtle- or not so subtle ways- people can either inspire you or bring you down.

Chances are you’ll freely admit and know and love when someone is lifting you up.  But…

Is someone dragging you down?

Here are some clues that maybe you aren’t broken, cursed or not-good-enough, but, rather, perhaps you are attached to someone who is draining the life out of you!

And… you can put an end to that.  Today.

people inspire you

I want to state the non-obvious here.

We all know when there are obviously people around who don’t share our values, aren’t accustomed to acting with kindness or simply don’t like us.

That’s easy to see.

It’s also fairly easy to see when you are surrounded by people who are troubled, and I’ve found that helping people who need help is not a drain on your life provided these people want help. That’s compassion and it is life-giving.

The non-obvious signs of someone who might be subtly dragging you down are much more covert and destructive because they might defy rational explanation:

  • Do you have someone around you who mysteriously becomes enraged, enmeshed in drama or otherwise has a crisis EVERY TIME you are doing well?
  • Do you find yourself apologizing for things that you didn’t do wrong just to keep the peace?
  • Does someone start and argument and then storm out in a huff as a pattern, leaving you to think that perhaps there is only something wrong with you?
  • Are you confusing someone’s NEED for you (and your energy) for their LOVE for you?
  • Do you doubt in your own ability to succeed when you were once confident, for no apparent reason?
  • Are you looking for people to fix you so that you can be “good enough” for someone else?
  • Do you feel like you are on a down-spiral but there is no way to account for it?
  • Are you sick a lot or really clumsy and accident-prone lately, tied into any of the above storms of emotion?
  • Does the future feel scary when it once felt exciting?

These are just some of the non-obvious things that are easy to ascribe to other causes like: self-blame, inadequacy, personal unhappiness, flu season, lack of knowledge or life-skill, low self-esteem- but…

Before you write them off…

You might want to ask yourself:

Do you believe that you deserve a great life?

That’s a good starting point.

When I was riddled with vampire energy around me, pulling me down, the answer was “No.”

Even though intellectually, of course, I did think I deserved a great life, that great life seemed so far away from me I couldn’t understand what it was like!

And then the next piece:

Do you think everyone around you wants the best for you?

Tough one.

Go by what they DO not what they SAY.

If you find you’ve got someone dragging you down, you have a choice to make.

Choose happiness.

You may not 100% feel you deserve it at the moment if you are being dragged on, but you do.

You really do.

xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    I need to remind myself of that when people in my life claim to be one way but then their actions dictate another.


  2. Parker

    Part of self-care is being discerning about who you spend time with. People either lift you up, or pull you down. Choose carefully, as your relationships affect your health, happiness, career, and much more.


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