Are You Too Deep In Magical Thinking?

Mar 4, 2015 | Prosperity



We’ve probably all heard by now the adage that “your thoughts become things.”

You know, you think about something enough and it will manifest in some way.

In a sense, it’s very true. If you focus your attention and energy on something you’ll find all kinds of signs from the universe and you may actually accelerate the process of brining something you want (or don’t want) to life.

But I’ve seen magical thinking lead to very strange circumstances that aren’t all fantastic.

You know, there’s also an adage that “analysis equals paralysis.”

Meaning: if you over-think things you lose the magic in them, or, basically, suck the greatness out of life.

Are you thinking too much?  Are you putting way too much emphasis on your thoughts?

It’s a big question but a great one if you’ve become frustrated, stopped in your tracks, overly worried or otherwise feel victimized by a situation that you want to go your way:

Are you too deep in magical thinking?


I love this part of the explanation of magical thinking from Wikipedia: “Magical thinking may lead people to believe that their thoughts by themselves can bring about effects in the world or that thinking something corresponds with doing it.”

First off let me say that visualizing things, believing them to be true and staying committed to the creation of what you want is awesome.  I know that this has helped me to overcome huge obstacles, create an incredible life in many ways and, also, it’s been the key to creativity on a level I never thought possible.

  • Visualize.
  • See what you want or need so clearly you can feel it in your whole body as yours.
  • Know it is true.
  • Keep your vision private if it won’t be supported by people around you.

It’s the old-school Law Of Attraction that says talks about your thoughts becoming things.

But, you can’t just think things and have that be it.

I mean, you can, but I don’t recommend it.

In my own spell of highly magical thinking gone awry, I would imagine that because I had a dream that it would be absolutely real.  Or, once I started to doubt myself, I believed that these momentary doubt thoughts would ruin the outcome of a project.

I held myself to such a high standard of “thinking” that I used my mind to dismiss things that could have been fantastic had I gone through the rough part where life wasn’t stacking up to my vision yet.  I quit things.  I left relationships.  I believed that it was going to be only the way I saw it.

Magically,  I also thought that if I prayed enough for someone to quit their addiction to painkillers that it would be enough because my thoughts were so powerful.  I stayed in a friendship thinking I could transform someone else with my thoughts.

He almost died and I had to ultimately step away from the losing battle I was fighting as I was starting to crumble.

My intentions were good.  I just used this steadfast and very stubborn belief that I was able to shape the world with my mind alone to stay in a place I didn’t belong, creating hope where there was none that I could effect for someone else.

Have you done something like this?

Are you doing it now?

Another magical thought trap was the idea that I could influence the outcome of art with my mind alone.  I fnished writing a novel at 22.  My idea was that in my mind I could conjure up the success of the book and at first, it was working… a bit.  But I couldn’t handle critiques I recieved because it started to tear apart my magical thoughts of exactly how it should be.  So, ultimately, I shelved the book because I believed that with these “less that magical” occurences I couldn’t keep up the moving of the book with my mind.  An “obstacle” was a “sign” that I should quit.

I always wonder what would have happened had I stuck out my dream and not gotten caught up in “manifesting” things exactly as I wanted them.

If you truly believe the only way to go out and get something is to have perfect thoughts about it first and then sort of just “magically manifest” it…

That’s not as big as you can be.

It wasn’t as big as I could be.

It’s limited, it’s being the effect in large part, and sometimes it’s thinly veiled fear.

My real magic is in doing things to fulfill the enchanted vision.  Showing up when I feel the chips are stacked against me because I believe in the vision.  Working with obstacles instead of against them.

Looking at things for what they are-  not what I wish they were-  has been a big “secret” to creating change that’s real.

So… when you make those vision boards (as I do, especially on Pinterest!) and visualize and manifest and hopefully bring gorgeous things into your life with ease, make sure you are willing to see all you can do to make things happen.

See the steps.

Try them.

Try more if those don’t work.

Real magic might just be real life when you are really connected to it.

Take the pressure off your mind and throw your whole body and life- and environment- behind your dreams. In a sense, immediately, you’ll be living those dreams instead of waiting in your thoughts for a magic moment to arrive.

xoxo Dana



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  1. maggie

    Love this. You have to think about what you want but then also TAKE ACTION to make things happen. The universe is your partner, not your parent. It isn’t just going to give things to you.



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