An Exercise To Stretch Your Boundaries And Find Inspiration!

Mar 5, 2015 | Creativity

An Exercise To Stretch Your Boundaries And Find Inspiration!

This was the question of the day at Cafe Gratitude last night:

What inspires you? 

Beyond the coconut milk and almond butter date shake and the wonderful company, I love this place for the single daily question they ask everyone who dines there every day.

Admittedly, I have over-indulged in daily shakes to hear the questions (and because these shakes are sinfully melted-ice cream good!) because the questions alone tend to inspire me, even though they’re usually quite simple.

Today’s expansive idea is a something you can do in a minute… but that minute can bring immense greatness rushing into your day!

comfort zone

I’m inspired by the edges of things lately.  Or seeking them.  Going into a space where my mind isn’t thinking or planning, and ideas are not as valuable as having my whole body engaged in whatever I’m doing.  Seeing how far I can stretch an idea, how far one can color outside the lines of a given situation, how far up into the sky I can see on a starry night… Edges of connecting to people, the edges of the unknown.

Basically, inspiration to me is about that space between things and the space a bit further than we can see even though we know it’s there.

The moments that are silent and present.  The way someone can look at you and you can feel an emotion without words- good, bad or otherwise.  The unseen and yet percieved stuff in the air that can jump to life and lift you up like the way it feels outside after a rainstorm when the planet is flooded with negative ions. 

You can go to a museum to find inspiration, shop at farmer’s markets…

But, inspiration is also something we can all have at our fingertips.  Easy things that don’t require a journey.

Books, videos, movies, visualization, meditation… and so much more!

For me, it’s cooking, writing, learning…

I like the idea of stretching to find more inspiration: pushing the boundaries and reaching for the edges.

Donna Eden is a woman known for her Energy Medicine work.  She helps people to connect to their own greater being.  Her exercises embrace all the electricity that runs through and around us, freeing up the energetic blocks and opening up the channels of inspired thought and action.

This exercise- Connecting Heaven And Earth– takes just a minute, but the results are incredibly inspired.

Every time I do it, I feel more of life rushing through me.  It’s amazing.

If you give it a try, let me know if you feel the shift!



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  1. E

    I was feeling sluggish after a meal and did this—what a shift! Thanks for sharing.

  2. JP

    Hi Dana. I just tried the Heaven-Earth exercise. Love it! My blood is flowing again. Thank you!


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