The Prosperous Feng Shui Nature Of Taking Great Adventures!

Mar 6, 2015 | Prosperity

the bean chicago

Going to see Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Chicago has been sitting on my list of adventures for way too long… until today!  The sculpture, lovingly called The Bean, is, in my mind, one of the wonders of the world.  Worth walking a mile in 25 degree weather for sure.

Today’s feng shui is all about the prosperous nature of adventure!


Since I arrived in Chicago for the International Home + Housewares show a few hours ago I went from exhausted to deeply inspired.  A really talented man sang me a love song on the street.  A barista at Starbucks (where you can order Oprah Chai tea, by the way) told me she knew me from a past life.  An art student walked me to the Bean and helped me take photos.  And its been just a few hours.  I can tell it will be a great trip…and I will be back with intensely cutting edge home goodies to share with all of you!

Now, to the adventure part.  I’m here alone (I rarely travel alone) and I am not really sure who I am even having dinner with, though one is scheduled in an hour and a half.  I have no idea what to expect from each day… And I love it! While my days are pretty much an adventure to begin with, immersion in a new place with new people is overwhelmingly needed.  Plus… I got to spend time with The Bean.

Which brings me to the idea of having an adventure list of sorts. Mine is a Pinterest board, a private one. Yours might be a collage, a little note you keep in a drawer of your nightstand or a wole pinboard full of ideas hanging over your desk.

Adventure is vitally important.  Solo adventures. Adventures with friends, lovers, family…

You can afford to have an adventure.  I’ve had adventures driving up the coast of California that costed next to no money.  I’ve had adventures around the world that were more elaborate and even storied. No one adventure is more than another in my mind… it all just makes life expand.

You also deserve to have an adventure.  In fact, it’s necessary.  According to recent research, people who use their vacation days have less incidence of stress, depression and the illnesses that are associated with each. THESE 7 benefits of taking your vacation days if you have them are enough to sway even the grestest workaholics!


The Feng Shui Of Adventure: If you align this map so that the entrance door of your home’s floorplan falls in either of the bottom areas of this map, you will see where your Compassion/ Helpful People area falls in your home.  This is the area that correlates with TRAVEL.   What you should also know is that this area directly impacts your MONEY.  That’s right… you know more money will help you to travel more… but more travel can also bring you more prosperity and self-empowerment!

Two things to do to actively support your want of adventure:

1. envision all the adventures you want to take broadly… and write them down or capture them in images.

2. place something in your helpful people area (even a globe or a map!) that will remind you of the adventures you have in store.

And, of course, start making plans, even five years out into the future if that seems more real to you.  The more open you are to something the faster it will move toward you, in my experience!

If you are looking to really reinforce all your dreams and accelerate them in beautiful ways, Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui is here!!!, and you can start today!

Get started on your own de-cluttered, feng shui’d home and life now… and watch the magic happen!!! xoxo Dana


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